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Record Layout: Grad Rate Indicator Spring 2017

Field names, types, and descriptions for the Graduation Rate Indicator Data File.
Field # Field Name Description Acceptable Values
1 cds CDS Code 14-character string
2 rtype Record Type S=School Record
L=LEA/District Record
3 studentgroup Student Group ALL=All Students
AA=Black/African American
AI=American Indian or Alaska Native
PI=Pacific Islander
MR=Multiple Races/Two or More
EL=English Learner
SED=Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
SWD=Students with Disabilities
4 currnumer Number of 2014-15 cohort graduates Integer
5 currdenom Total number of 2014-15 cohort students Integer
6 currstatus CURRENT STATUS - 2014-15 Graduation Rate Percent
7 priornumer Number of students who graduated in prior 3 years Integer
8 priordenom Total number of students in prior 3 years Integer
9 priorstatus PRIOR STATUS - 3-year graduation rate average Percent
10 change CHANGE - Difference between 2014-15 graduation rate and prior 3-year average Percent
11 prioryear1_numer Number of 2013-14 cohort graduates Integer
12 prioryear1_denom Total number of 2013-14 cohort students Integer
13 prioryear1_status 2013-14 Graduation Rate Percent
14 prioryear2_numer Number of 2012-13 cohort graduates Integer
15 prioryear2_denom Total number of 2012-13 cohort students Integer
16 prioryear2_status 2012-13 Graduation Rate Percent
17 prioryear3_numer Number of 2011-12 cohort graduates Integer
18 prioryear3_denom Total number of 2011-12 cohort students Integer
19 prioryear3_status 2011-12 Graduation Rate Percent
20 statuslevel Status level 1=Very Low
5=Very High
0=No Data
21 changelevel Change level 1=Decreased Significantly
5=Increased Significantly
0=No Data
22 color Color 1=Red
0=No Color
23 box If a color was assigned, this value represents the specific 5x5 grid location 20=Very High, Declined
30=Very High, Mantained
40=Very High, Increased
50=Very High, Increased Significantly
60=High, Declined Significantly
70=High, Declined
80=High, Mantained
90=High, Increased
100=High, Increased Significantly
110=Medium, Declined Significantly
120=Medium, Declined
130=Medium, Mantained
140=Medium, Increased
150=Medium, Increased Significantly
160=Low, Declined Significantly
170=Low, Declined
180=Low, Mantained
190=Low, Increased
200=Low, Increased Significantly
210=Very Low, Declined Significantly
220=Very Low, Declined
230=Very Low, Mantained
240=Very Low, Increased
250=Very Low, Increased Significantly
0=No Color
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Last Reviewed: Monday, November 6, 2017