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Dashboard Local Indicators FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the California School Dashboard Local Indicators

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What are the local indicators?

State data is not available for some priority areas identified in the Local Control Funding Formula law. For these priority areas, the State Board of Education approved the local indicators, which are based on information that local educational agencies collect locally.  The local indicators are:

  • Basic Services
  • Implementation of State Academic Standards
  • Parent Engagement
  • School Climate
  • Access to a Broad Course of Study
  • Coordination of Services for Expelled Youth – County offices of education only
  • Coordination of Services for Foster Youth – County offices of education only
How is performance measured on the local indicators?

Local educational agencies receive one of three ratings based on whether they have measured and reported their progress through the Dashboard using locally collected data. The ratings are: Met, Not Met, or Not Met for Two or More Years.

For example, on the local indicator for Implementing State Academic Standards (Priority 2), the local educational agency would receive a Met rating if it:

  1. Annually measures its progress
  2. Reports the results at a regularly scheduled meeting of the local governing board
  3. Reports the results to stakeholders through the Dashboard

For local educational agencies that receive a Met rating, the local data that they collected will be included in a Detailed Report within the Dashboard.

How do local educational agencies collect and report the local data?

The Dashboard includes self-reflection tools that the State Board of Education approved as part of the new accountability system. Local educational agencies complete those self-reflection tools and can upload the information to be displayed through the Dashboard. Additional details on the local indicators, including the self-reflection tools, are available at the California School Dashboard Web page.

Do local indicators apply to schools?

No. Local indicators apply only to local educational agencies. If a local educational agency is made up of only one school (e.g., charter schools and single school districts), the local indicators will appear on the local educational agency/school report.  If a local educational agency has more than one school, the local indicators will appear on the local educational agency reports but not the school reports.

Is there a deadline for local educational agencies to report the local data and receive a Met rating for the local indicators?

Beginning with the Fall 2017 Dashboard release, local educational agencies are now required to annually complete the self-reflection tools for the local indicators. For the Fall 2018 Dashboard release, an LEA must complete the local indicators by November 16, 2018 in order to receive a Met rating. If the local educational agency does not complete the self-reflection tool for a local indicator by the deadline, the Dashboard will show as Not Met by default.

Are there any differences for charter schools in completing local indicators?

Charter schools are expected to complete local indicators as are all other LEAs. If they do not complete the self-reflection tool and finalize the submission, they will default to Not Met along with any other LEA. The deadline is November 16, 2018.

But, based on statute, a local indicator does not apply to a charter school if it is not addressed in the underlying petition. If this is the case for your charter school, you can complete the relevant local indicator as follows:

  • In the narrative box included within the relevant self-reflection tool, provide a brief explanation for why the local indicator does not apply to the charter school, based on the underlying charter petition.
  • Select the Met option for the local indicator.
  • Select Submit.

Completing this process will ensure that your school is not reported as Not Met on the Dashboard. If you do not complete the local indicator prior to November 16, 2018, it will be reported as Not Met even if your school believes the indicator does not apply based on the underlying charter petition.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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