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Dashboard State Indicators FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the California School Dashboard State Indicators

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What are the state indicators?

The state indicators are based on data that is collected consistently across the state from LEAs through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). The state indicators are:

  • Academic Indicator (reported separately for English language arts/literacy and mathematics assessments)
  • English Learner Progress
  • Chronic Absenteeism
  • Graduation Rate
  • Suspension Rate
  • College/Career Readiness (includes Grade 11 assessment results)
Is the data up-to-date? When will new data be added?

The field test of the Dashboard launched this spring is based on the latest state data that was available when the State Board of Education adopted the new accountability tool in September 2016.

For the Academic Indicator, the results are from the 2015–16 school year. For other indicators (Graduation Rate, Suspension Rate, and English Learner Progress), the results are from the 2014–15 school year.

The state collects data from local educational agencies at different points throughout the year. To better accommodate the Dashboard, the state is now working to align the reporting of data to annual updates of the Dashboard. But during the field test, local educational agencies will have more current data available for the Graduation Rate and Suspension Rate indicators than what is reported through the Dashboard.

How is performance calculated?

Local educational agencies and schools receive one of five color-coded performance levels on the state indicators. From highest to lowest, the five performance levels are: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Performance levels are calculated based on how current performance (Status) compares to past performance (Change). This provides a more complete picture of performance than a point-in-time snapshot.

More details on calculating performance for state indicators are available at the California School Dashboard Web page.

Is performance of student groups reported?

Yes.  For each state indicator, performance levels are provided for all students and for student groups at the local education agency or school.

Which student groups are included?

Performance of the following student groups must be considered in the state accountability system:

  • English learners
  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged pupils
  • Foster youth
  • Homeless youth
  • Students with disabilities
  • Racial/ethnic groups, including:
    • African-American
    • American Indian/Native Alaskan
    • Asian
    • Filipino
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
    • Two or more races
    • White
Is there a minimum number of students for local educational agencies or schools to receive a performance level?

Yes. Performance levels will be reported for all students and any student group that has at least 30 students (at least 15 students for foster youth and homeless youth when that data becomes available in fall 2017). Data will be reported without a performance level if there are between 11 and 29 students.

What does each indicator measure?

Additional details on what the state indicators measure are available at the California School Dashboard Web page.

What years of data are used for the state indicators and how many prior years are included in calculating “Change”?

The answer is different depending on the state indicator. The goal is that Change will be calculated based on the average of the prior three years. But not all indicators have three prior years of data at this time.

Local educational agencies that do not have data for the prior years to calculate Change do not receive a color-coded performance level. The Status data is available in the Dashboard reports.

Additional details on the state indicators, including the years of data used for calculating Status and Change for each indicator, are available at the California School Dashboard Web page.

Will the Dashboard display grade-level data?

The Dashboard shows performance data for a local educational agency or school.  Grade level data are available for some indicators through the California Department of Education's DataQuest Web page.

What if I am interested in data that isn't included in the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is intended to allow stakeholders and the public to quickly see how local educational agencies and schools are performing on the measures included in California's new school accountability system.

The California Department of Education's DataQuest Web page includes reports with additional data elements and detail that are not included in the Dashboard.  Although the current Dashboard design focuses primarily on the state and local indicators, additional data may be included based on user feedback during the field test.

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