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Record Layout: Suspension Indicator Spring 2017

Field names, types, and descriptions for the Suspension Rate Indicator Data File.
Field # Field Name Description Acceptable Values
1 cds CDS Code 14-character string
2 rtype Record Type S=School Record
L=LEA/District Record
3 type School or District Type ES=Elementary School
MS=Middle School
HS=High School
ED=Elementary District
HD=High School District
UD=Unified District
4 studentgroup Student Group ALL=All Students
AA=Black/African American
AI=American Indian or Alaska Native
PI=Pacific Islander
MR=Multiple Races/Two or More
EL=English Learner
SED=Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
SWD=Students with Disabilities
5 currnumer Number of Students Suspended in 2014-15 Integer
6 currdenom Cummulative Number of Students Enrolled in 2014-15 Integer
7 currstatus CURRENT STATUS - 2014-15 Suspension Rate Percent
8 priornumer Number of Students Suspended in 2013-14 Integer
9 priordenom Cummulative Number of Students Enrolled in 2013-14 Integer
10 priorstatus PRIOR STATUS - 2013-14 Suspension Rate (rounded) Percent
11 change CHANGE - Difference between 2014-15 Suspension Rate and 2013-14 Suspension Rate Percent
12 statuslevel Status level 1=Very High
5=Very Low
0=No Data
13 changelevel Change level 1=Increased Significantly
5=Decreased Significantly
0=No Data
14 color Color 1=Red
0=No Color
15 box If a color was assigned, this value represents the specific 5x5 grid location 10=Very Low, Increased Significantly
20=Very Low, Increased
30=Very Low, Mantained
40=Very Low, Declined
50=Very Low, Declined Significantly
60=Low, Increased Significantly
70=Low, Increased
80=Low, Mantained
90=Low, Declined
100=Low, Declined Significantly
110=Medium, Increased Significantly
120=Medium, Increased
130=Medium, Mantained
140=Medium, Declined
150=Medium, Declined Significantly
160=High, Increased Significantly
170=High, Increased
180=High, Mantained
190=High, Declined
200=High, Declined Significantly
210=Very High, Increased Significantly
220=Very High, Increased
230=Very High, Mantained
240=Very High, Declined
250=Very High, Declined Significantly
0=No Color
16 certifyflag Non-certified data flag.

Districts and schools that did not certify their suspension (or discipline) data in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) in the current year or prior year automatically are assigned an orange performance level (box 180) if their earned color was orginally blue, green, or yellow.

Y or Blank
Y=Did not certify suspension data
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Last Reviewed: Monday, April 16, 2018