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Suspension Rate Indicator Calculation

Methodology for measuring performance on the Suspension Rate Indicator.

Suspension data vary widely among LEA and school type. For example, rates are generally higher at the middle school level than at the elementary school level. Therefore, the Suspension Rate Indicator has a distribution for each LEA type (elementary, high, and unified) and each school type (elementary, middle, and high).

Another difference between the Suspension Rate Indicator and other state indicators is that the goal is reversed. For all other state indicators, the desired outcome and goal is to achieve a high percent in Status and Change. However, for the Suspension Rate Indicator, the desired outcome and goal is to have a low suspension rate and, thus, a low percent for Status and Change.


The Suspension Rate Indicator calculations are based on the unduplicated number of students suspended in an academic year.

Suspension Rate Status Formula

Number of Students Suspended divided by Cumulative Enrollment

Suspension Rate Change Formula

Status (2016–17 Suspension Rate) minus 2015–16 Suspension Rate

Reporting Performance for the Suspension Rate Indicator

Based on the Status and Change results, a performance level (or color) will be given. Performance for this indicator can be reported using a five-by-five colored grid.

Below is an example of the Suspension Indicator five-by-five colored grid for an elementary school with:

  • A Status of 4.0%
  • A Change of −1.6%

In this example, the school's performance level is determined using the elementary school-level Status and Change cut scores. The school made considerable progress over the previous year (Change), reducing its suspension rate by 1.6%, which is a significant decline. However, it still has a 4% suspension rate (Status), which is "High." A Status of "High" and a Change of "Declined Significantly" meet on the grid to give a performance level of Yellow.

Suspension Status & Change example

More information on the five-by-five color tables for Suspension rates by LEA and school can be found in the Resources tab on the California Accountability Model & School Dashboard.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, December 7, 2017
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