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How to Use the Fill-In Forms

Instructions about saving and using the fill-in forms for the 2017 Classified School Employees of the Year Program.

How to Save the Form Before Using

  • Select the "Application Form"
  • In the "File Download" dialog box, select "Save"
  • In the "Save As" dialog box, select the directory (or desktop) where you wish to save the document, then select "Save"
  • In the "Download Complete" dialog box, select "Close"

About the Fill-In Forms

  • The County Cover Sheet and the Nominee Information fill-in forms are locked so that the question content and spacing may not be altered. If you unlock the form, the fill-in fields will not be accessible. If you lock the form after it has been unlocked, all the data you previously entered will be lost.
  • The fill-in form contains text and numeric fields for data entry that are formatted for type and size. They appear as small gray boxes.
  • Type your information into the gray boxes (fill-in fields).
  • Use the TAB key to advance from field to field. Use the SHIFT+TAB keys to go back to a previous field. You may also use the mouse to select a field.
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 11, 2017