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2017 CAST Pilot Assessment Fact Sheet

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of the 2017 CAST Pilot Assessment Fact Sheet from the California Science Test Web page. The 2017 CAST Pilot Assessment Fact Sheet (PDF) version is considered to be the official version of the document.


The California Science Test (CAST) is aligned to the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS) that were adopted by the State Board of Education in March 2013. The CA NGSS emphasize the importance of having a deep understanding of science concepts and engaging in scientific thinking. The pilot test replaces the California Standards Test (CST) and California Modified Assessment (CMA) for science.


The CAST will be administered to all students in grades five and eight, and all students in the pre-selected grade for each high school. All high schools in California will participate. Each high school will be assigned a single grade test, either grade ten, eleven, and twelve. High School grade assignments can be found on the CAASPP Portal Web site External link opens in new window or tab..


The pilot test will be computer based and includes a performance task that requires students to solve a series of complex problems sets. The test will consist of 12–15 questions and a performance task with 5–7 questions. Testing should not take more than one hour. Both students and teachers will be asked to complete a survey about their testing experience.


The purpose of the pilot test is try out the newly developed item types and test system functionality. The completed CAST pilot tests will be used for participation purposes for accountability. The pilot also will provide information for item development for the spring 2018 field test and offer an opportunity to test out the accessibility supports for the CAST.


  • 2016–17: Pre–Pilot July 2016 through February 2017 | Pilot* March through July 2017
  • 2017–18: Field* Spring 2018
  • 2018–19: Operational January through July 2019

* Until development of the test has been completed and reviewed, no student scores or aggregated results will be released.

For additional information, call your District CAASPP Coordinator or visit the California Department of Education, California Science Test Web page.

Questions:   California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress | | 916-445-8765
Last Reviewed: Thursday, March 15, 2018
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