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Accessing Context Menu for Embedded Resources

Description on accessing the context menu for embedded resources using the Smarter Balanced Secure Browser.

To access embedded resources for the Smarter Balanced assessments such as strikethrough, highlighter, American Sign Language videos, and text-to-speech, students will need to access a "context menu" by performing actions using the mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or trackpad. The method to access the menu is dependent on the student’s device type as described in the following table:

Device Type Description of Accessing Context Menu
Windows-based or Linux-based desktop or laptop (two-button mouse) Click on right-mouse button
Mac OS-based desktop or laptop (one-button mouse) Hold down Control key on keyboard, then click mouse button
iPad tablet (touchscreen) Tap on menu in upper left corner of Secure Browser app
Android-based tablet (touchscreen) Tap on menu in upper left corner of Secure Browser app
Chromebook (trackpad) Hold down Alt key on keyboard, and tap the trackpad
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
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