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CAASPP Update, Issue 213

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) email update, July 5, 2017.

Focusing on the CAASPP System, including the Smarter Balanced assessments—a major component of CAASPP—and the California Alternate Assessments and science assessments.

A New Face for Formative Assessment Resources

Announcing a brand-new way to promote the Smarter Balanced Digital Library! The new Digital Library storefront External link opens in new window or tab. showcases ways in which the Digital Library supports formative assessment, offering educators video segments and resources that help in understanding the purpose, materials, and activities offered within the library. Please help us spread the word by sharing the link to the storefront, where educators can self-register for the Digital Library. Established users also can use the storefront page to access the Digital Library login web page External link opens in new window or tab., which will remain the active entry point to the library.

July’s Digital Library Featured Resource—Understanding Text-Dependent Questions

Understanding Text-Dependent QuestionsExternal link opens in new window or tab. (Digital Library account required) is a flexible, one-to-four-hour professional development module designed to promote educators’ understanding of how text-dependent questions support key shifts called for by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts/literacy. This comprehensive resource is intended to guide educators through activities for creating, evaluating, and modifying questions that improve student engagement with a variety of texts. Below is a listing of the module’s contents:

  1. Facilitator’s Guide
  2. Core Video
  3. PowerPoint Presentation (20 slides, with Facilitator’s Notes)
  4. PowerPoint Presentation for share-out (20 slides, does not include Facilitator’s Notes)
  5. One Hands-on Activity—
    Creating and Evaluating Text-Dependent Questions (one hour)
    Evaluating and Modifying Text-Dependent Questions (two hours)
  6. Two Handouts—
    Guide to Creating Text-Dependent Questions
    Checklist for Evaluating Question Quality
  7. Discussion Topics (three prompts)
  8. Video Resources
  9. Web Resources

By completing the hands-on activity, educators can both evaluate and improve the quality of instructional tools for eliciting text-dependent evidence from students. “Understanding Text-Dependent Questions” engages educators in the formative assessment process through the creation and evaluation of text-dependent questions, the interpretation of the questions’ effectiveness, and the transition from professional learning to professional practice by designing text-dependent questions for instructional use.

Reminder: After using this or any other resource from the Smarter Balanced Digital Library External link opens in new window or tab. (Digital Library account required), you have an opportunity to benefit your fellow educators by writing a review of that resource in the Digital Library.

Please share this email with any educators in your local educational agency who would be interested in or benefit from this information. To join the email list, send a blank message to Are you a new subscriber? Visit the CDE CAASPP Update web page to find previous issues.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, July 19, 2019
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