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California High School Proficiency Examination - CalEdFacts

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The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a program established by California Education Code Section 48412. The CHSPE provides an opportunity for eligible persons to demonstrate their proficiency in the basic requirements and earn the legal equivalent of a California high school diploma.

The CHSPE is given two times each year at approximately 75 sites throughout the state. Registrants must pay a $230 registration fee. Current enrollment in high school is not a requirement; however, at the time the test is taken, the registrant must be either: (1) sixteen years of age; or (2) have completed one year of enrollment in grade ten; or (3) will have completed one year of enrollment in grade ten at the end of the semester during which the next exam is administered. There is no upper age limit to take the test.

The State Board of Education awards each person who passes the CHSPE, a Certificate of Proficiency, which is equivalent by law to a California high school diploma. In other words, institutions that are subject to California law and require a high school diploma for any purpose must also accept the Certificate of Proficiency as satisfying that requirement. However, the Certificate of Proficiency is not equivalent to completing all course work required for graduation from high school.

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) administers the CHSPE program under contract with the California Department of Education. For general information, including registration information, call the SCOE by phone at 866-342-4773 or visit the CHSPE website External link opens in new window or tab.. For information regarding CHSPE law, regulations, or policies, contact the California English Language Development Test (CELDT)/CHSPE/General Educational Development (GED) and Title III Office by phone at 916-445-9438 or by email at Additional information is available on the CDE CHSPE web page.

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