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Public Schools and Districts Data Files

Downloadable files containing general information about California's public schools and districts.

Data Files

For users' convenience, the public schools and districts data files are posted in Excel and tab delimited text formats.

The data files below are dynamically driven and reflect real-time data. The Public Schools and Districts Excel (XLSX) file may take 20 or more seconds to download, so please be patient.

For details on what information are contained in each file, as well as descriptions of column headings and code set values used within these files, please refer to the corresponding file structure below.

For details on modifications made to these files and to the file structures, refer to the Changes to the Public Schools File web page.

File Structure

Data File Usage Tips

Data Disclaimer

The California School Directory and related public school and district data files (collectively referred to as the “Directory”), contain information about California schools, districts, and school/district administrators that is voluntarily self-reported by local education agencies (LEAs) to the California Department of Education (CDE) as a public convenience. Because the information is voluntarily self-reported, the Directory does not contain information for every LEA and the information that is in the Directory may be outdated or have errors, omissions, typos and other inaccuracies. Therefore, information, or the absence of information, in the Directory should not be relied upon for any purpose and should be used only to contact the LEA. The CDE makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to Directory information.

For information regarding LEA accreditation, please visit the US Department of Education’s Accreditation and Quality AssuranceExternal link opens in new window or tab. web page.

Additional Data

Below are links to additional data that were previously included in the Public Schools Database. Because these data are not updated as regularly as CDS data are updated, the CDE no longer includes these data in the Public Schools Database.

Locale Codes

Locale codes may be obtained from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates (EDGE) Geographic Data via the School Locations and GeoassignmentsExternal link opens in new window or tab. web page. To learn more about locale codes, visit the NCES EDGE Locale BoundariesExternal link opens in new window or tab. web page.

Legislative Districts

Legislative Districts for California Public School Districts(XLSX; 20-Jul-2018)
This document is alphabetized by local educational agency and includes both summary and detail sections. The detail report includes the name of the current elected official, their party affiliation, and the percentage of the total school district area that is distributed among each intersecting legislative district. This list is updated every two years, when the school district boundaries are updated.

Additional information may be obtained from the California State Legislative DistrictsExternal link opens in new window or tab. web page. Note that the California legislative district boundaries are redrawn every ten years. Congressional district mapsExternal link opens in new window or tab. are available from the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

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