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Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents

The Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents (CMD) is a secure database to assist local educational agency (LEA) staff in locating parental notification documents translated into non-English languages.

State and federal laws place expectations upon schools to translate notices sent to the parents of English learners. Through the CMD, school staff can download translated notices for free and modify them to meet local needs. This service helps schools to save time, money, and work efforts.

The CMD is intended for use by schools and districts. If parents want to obtain translations of a school notification, they should contact their child's school.
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    Local educational agency staff members use this link if they have already registered for the CMD.

General Information

Suggestion Box

Districts, county offices, and charter schools are encouraged to contact the CMD with questions, suggestions, and requests. Contact the CMD by email at or by telephone at 916-319-0881.

Access to the CMD and Its Translations

  • List of registered educational agencies
    Employees of educational agencies refer to this list to find out if their agency is already registered. If the agency is listed but the “Contact” field is blank, or if the contact information is out of date, send an email to the CMD at for assistance.
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    Local educational agency staff members who have obtained access codes from the CMD will use this link to register.
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    This link is intended for use by the general public.



The CDE acknowledges the generosity of the local educational agencies that contribute information to the CMD in order to share with others. Without these important contributions, the CMD might not exist.


The Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents helps local educational agencies find information about parental notifications that have been translated by districts into other languages for use with their non-English-reading parents.

The California Department of Education (CDE) offers this catalog of documents translated by local educational agencies free of charge. Making this information available allows school districts to benefit from documents translated by others. The CDE does not control or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the data or translations provided by participating agencies. The LEAs and other agencies disseminating the translated documents available in this catalog are ultimately responsible for the documents' content and accuracy.

Questions: Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents | | 916-319-0881 
Last Reviewed: Friday, April 19, 2024
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