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Charter School Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to questions frequently asked about charter schools.

Responses to these frequently asked questions are advisory only. Charter schools and authorizing entities are encouraged to review the actual laws and regulations that provide the basis for these responses and consult with their own legal counsel regarding the application of any of these issues to a specific situation.

Section 1 - General Information

Section 2 - Approval, Establishment, and Closure

Section 3 - Governance, Oversight, and Liability

Section 4 - General Compliance

Section 5 - Staffing

Section 6 - Testing and Accountability

Section 7 - Attendance Accounting and Instructional Time

Section 8 - Nonclassroom-Based Programs

Section 9 - Funding and Apportionment

Section 10 - Facilities

Questions: Charter Schools Division | | 916-322-6029 
Last Reviewed: Monday, November 22, 2021
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