Charter Schools in California Counties

Los Angeles County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
California Pacific Charter- Los Angeles1751Independent Study California Pacific Charter- Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
Academia Avance Charter0738Site-based InstructionAcademia Avance CharterDataQuest Reports
Academia Moderna1101Site-based InstructionAcademia ModernaDataQuest Reports
Academies of the Antelope Valley1415Combination of Site-based and ISAcademies of the Antelope ValleyDataQuest Reports
Accelerated0045Site-based InstructionAcceleratedDataQuest Reports
Accelerated Charter Elementary0539Site-based InstructionAccelerated Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy1050Site-based InstructionAlain Leroy Locke College Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle1480Site-based InstructionAlfred B. Nobel Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High1161Site-based InstructionAlliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 121533Site-based InstructionAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 12DataQuest Reports
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 41096Site-based InstructionAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4DataQuest Reports
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 81531Site-based InstructionAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 8DataQuest Reports
Alliance Collins Family College-Ready High0718Site-based InstructionAlliance Collins Family College-Ready HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High0790Site-based InstructionAlliance Dr. Olga Mohan HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex0645Site-based InstructionAlliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 ComplexDataQuest Reports
Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle0779Site-based InstructionAlliance Jack H. Skirball MiddleDataQuest Reports
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy0714Site-based InstructionAlliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology AcademyDataQuest Reports
Alliance Kory Hunter Middle1532Site-based InstructionAlliance Kory Hunter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Alliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science High0929Site-based InstructionAlliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science0788Site-based InstructionAlliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and ScienceDataQuest Reports
Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High1356Site-based InstructionAlliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Marine - Innovation and Technology 6-12 Complex1738Site-based InstructionAlliance Marine - Innovation and Technology 6-12 ComplexDataQuest Reports
Alliance Morgan McKinzie High0928Site-based InstructionAlliance Morgan McKinzie HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex0784Site-based InstructionAlliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 ComplexDataQuest Reports
Alliance Patti And Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy0789Site-based InstructionAlliance Patti And Peter Neuwirth Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Alliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services Academy0927Site-based InstructionAlliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services AcademyDataQuest Reports
Alliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy High1343Site-based InstructionAlliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High1163Site-based InstructionAlliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Ted K. Tajima High1164Site-based InstructionAlliance Ted K. Tajima HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High1162Site-based InstructionAlliance Tennenbaum Family Technology HighDataQuest Reports
Alliance Virgil Roberts Leadership Academy1530Site-based InstructionAlliance Virgil Roberts Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Alma Fuerte Public1859Site-based InstructionAlma Fuerte PublicDataQuest Reports
Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America1685Site-based InstructionAnahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North AmericaDataQuest Reports
Animo City of Champions Charter High1874Site-based InstructionAnimo City of Champions Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Ánimo Compton Charter1990Site-based InstructionÁnimo Compton CharterDataQuest Reports
Animo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle1286Site-based InstructionAnimo Ellen Ochoa Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Animo Florence-Firestone Charter Middle1794Site-based InstructionAnimo Florence-Firestone Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Animo Inglewood Charter High0432Site-based InstructionAnimo Inglewood Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Animo Jackie Robinson High0793Site-based InstructionAnimo Jackie Robinson HighDataQuest Reports
Animo James B. Taylor Charter Middle1287Site-based InstructionAnimo James B. Taylor Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Animo Jefferson Charter Middle1216Site-based InstructionAnimo Jefferson Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Animo Leadership High0281Site-based InstructionAnimo Leadership HighDataQuest Reports
Animo Mae Jemison Charter Middle1624Site-based InstructionAnimo Mae Jemison Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Animo Pat Brown0649Site-based InstructionAnimo Pat BrownDataQuest Reports
Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High0781Site-based InstructionAnimo Ralph Bunche Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Animo South Los Angeles Charter0602Site-based InstructionAnimo South Los Angeles CharterDataQuest Reports
Animo Venice Charter High0648Site-based InstructionAnimo Venice Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy0783Site-based InstructionAnimo Watts College Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Animo Western Charter Middle1288Site-based InstructionAnimo Western Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Antelope Valley Learning Academy0841Independent StudyAntelope Valley Learning AcademyDataQuest Reports
Ararat Charter1156Site-based InstructionArarat CharterDataQuest Reports
Arts in Action Community Charter1218Site-based InstructionArts in Action Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Arts in Action Community Middle1806Site-based InstructionArts in Action Community MiddleDataQuest Reports
Aspire Antonio Maria Lugo Academy0694Site-based InstructionAspire Antonio Maria Lugo AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aspire Centennial College Preparatory Academy1436Site-based InstructionAspire Centennial College Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aspire Firestone Academy Charter1214Site-based InstructionAspire Firestone Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Aspire Gateway Academy Charter1213Site-based InstructionAspire Gateway Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Aspire Inskeep Academy Charter1332Site-based InstructionAspire Inskeep Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Aspire Juanita Tate Academy Charter1331Site-based InstructionAspire Juanita Tate Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Aspire Junior Collegiate Academy1551Site-based InstructionAspire Junior Collegiate AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy0693Site-based InstructionAspire Ollin University Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aspire Pacific Academy1230Site-based InstructionAspire Pacific AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aspire Slauson Academy Charter1330Site-based InstructionAspire Slauson Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Aspire Titan Academy1550Site-based InstructionAspire Titan AcademyDataQuest Reports
Assurance Learning Academy1458Independent StudyAssurance Learning AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aveson Global Leadership Academy0847Site-based InstructionAveson Global Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Aveson School of Leaders0848Site-based InstructionAveson School of LeadersDataQuest Reports
Barack Obama Charter1062Site-based InstructionBarack Obama CharterDataQuest Reports
Beckford Charter for Enriched Studies1344Site-based InstructionBeckford Charter for Enriched StudiesDataQuest Reports
Bert Corona Charter0654Site-based InstructionBert Corona CharterDataQuest Reports
Bert Corona Charter High1724Site-based InstructionBert Corona Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Birmingham Community Charter High1119Site-based InstructionBirmingham Community Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Bridges Preparatory Academy2114Site-based InstructionBridges Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy0826Site-based InstructionBright Star Secondary Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Calabash Charter Academy1345Site-based InstructionCalabash Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
California School of the Arts - San Gabriel Valley1838Site-based InstructionCalifornia School of the Arts - San Gabriel ValleyDataQuest Reports
California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles0838Independent StudyCalifornia Virtual Academy @ Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
Calvert Charter For Enriched Studies1585Site-based InstructionCalvert Charter For Enriched StudiesDataQuest Reports
Camino Nuevo Academy #21231Site-based InstructionCamino Nuevo Academy #2DataQuest Reports
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy0293Site-based InstructionCamino Nuevo Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy #41334Site-based InstructionCamino Nuevo Charter Academy #4DataQuest Reports
Camino Nuevo Elementary #31212Site-based InstructionCamino Nuevo Elementary #3DataQuest Reports
Camino Nuevo Elementary School 31212Site-based InstructionCamino Nuevo Elementary School 3DataQuest Reports
Camino Nuevo High #21540Site-based InstructionCamino Nuevo High #2DataQuest Reports
Canyon Charter Elementary0226Site-based InstructionCanyon Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Carpenter Community Charter1235Site-based InstructionCarpenter Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Castlebay Lane Charter1477Site-based InstructionCastlebay Lane CharterDataQuest Reports
CATCH Prep Charter High, Inc.0570Site-based InstructionCATCH Prep Charter High, Inc.DataQuest Reports
Center for Advanced Learning0937Site-based InstructionCenter for Advanced LearningDataQuest Reports
Central City Value0534Site-based InstructionCentral City ValueDataQuest Reports
Century Community Charter0672Site-based InstructionCentury Community CharterDataQuest Reports
CHAMPS - Charter HS of Arts-Multimedia & Performing0712Site-based InstructionCHAMPS - Charter HS of Arts-Multimedia & PerformingDataQuest Reports
Chatsworth Charter High1581Site-based InstructionChatsworth Charter HighDataQuest Reports
CHIME Institute's Schwarzenegger Community0417Site-based InstructionCHIME Institute's Schwarzenegger CommunityDataQuest Reports
Citizens of the World Charter School 52082Site-based InstructionCitizens of the World Charter School 5DataQuest Reports
Citizens of the World Charter School East Valley2081Site-based InstructionCitizens of the World Charter School East ValleyDataQuest Reports
Citizens of the World Charter School Hollywood1200Site-based InstructionCitizens of the World Charter School HollywoodDataQuest Reports
Citizens of the World Charter School Mar Vista1414Site-based InstructionCitizens of the World Charter School Mar VistaDataQuest Reports
Citizens of the World Charter School Silver Lake1413Site-based InstructionCitizens of the World Charter School Silver LakeDataQuest Reports
City Honors International College Preparatory High2075Site-based InstructionCity Honors International College Preparatory HighDataQuest Reports
City Language Immersion Charter1538Site-based InstructionCity Language Immersion CharterDataQuest Reports
Clear Passage Educational Center1682Independent StudyClear Passage Educational CenterDataQuest Reports
Colfax Charter Elementary1041Site-based InstructionColfax Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Collegiate Charter High of Los Angeles1722Site-based InstructionCollegiate Charter High of Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
Community Magnet Charter Elementary0957Site-based InstructionCommunity Magnet Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Compass Charter Schools of Los Angeles1651Independent StudyCompass Charter Schools of Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
Crete Academy1854Site-based InstructionCrete AcademyDataQuest Reports
Crown Preparatory Academy1187Site-based InstructionCrown Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Da Vinci Communications High1689Site-based InstructionDa Vinci Communications HighDataQuest Reports
Da Vinci Connect1597Independent StudyDa Vinci ConnectDataQuest Reports
Da Vinci Design1081Site-based InstructionDa Vinci DesignDataQuest Reports
Da Vinci Rise High2017Independent StudyDa Vinci Rise HighDataQuest Reports
Da Vinci Science1060Site-based InstructionDa Vinci ScienceDataQuest Reports
Dearborn Elementary Charter Academy1481Site-based InstructionDearborn Elementary Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Desert Sands Charter0411Independent StudyDesert Sands CharterDataQuest Reports
Discovery Charter Preparatory School #20949Site-based InstructionDiscovery Charter Preparatory School #2DataQuest Reports
Dixie Canyon Community Charter1469Site-based InstructionDixie Canyon Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Downtown Value0448Site-based InstructionDowntown ValueDataQuest Reports
Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science Center0604Site-based InstructionDr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science CenterDataQuest Reports
Ednovate - Brio College Prep1843Site-based InstructionEdnovate - Brio College PrepDataQuest Reports
Ednovate - East College Prep1702Site-based InstructionEdnovate - East College PrepDataQuest Reports
Ednovate - Esperanza College Prep1842Site-based InstructionEdnovate - Esperanza College PrepDataQuest Reports
Ednovate - USC Hybrid High College Prep1401Site-based InstructionEdnovate - USC Hybrid High College PrepDataQuest Reports
Ednovate College Prep 62086Site-based InstructionEdnovate College Prep 6DataQuest Reports
Ednovate College Prep 72087Site-based InstructionEdnovate College Prep 7DataQuest Reports
El Camino Real Charter High1314Site-based InstructionEl Camino Real Charter HighDataQuest Reports
El Oro Way Charter For Enriched Studies1466Site-based InstructionEl Oro Way Charter For Enriched StudiesDataQuest Reports
El Rio Community School2080Site-based InstructionEl Rio Community SchoolDataQuest Reports
Emerson Community Charter1688Site-based InstructionEmerson Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Empower Generations1836Independent StudyEmpower GenerationsDataQuest Reports
Enadia Way Technology Charter1474Site-based InstructionEnadia Way Technology CharterDataQuest Reports
Encino Charter Elementary1471Site-based InstructionEncino Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Endeavor College Preparatory Charter1094Site-based InstructionEndeavor College Preparatory CharterDataQuest Reports
Environmental Charter High0353Site-based InstructionEnvironmental Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Environmental Charter High - Gardena2098Site-based InstructionEnvironmental Charter High - GardenaDataQuest Reports
Environmental Charter Middle1204Site-based InstructionEnvironmental Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Environmental Charter Middle - Inglewood1501Site-based InstructionEnvironmental Charter Middle - InglewoodDataQuest Reports
Equitas Academy #21402Site-based InstructionEquitas Academy #2DataQuest Reports
Equitas Academy #3 Charter1669Site-based InstructionEquitas Academy #3 CharterDataQuest Reports
Equitas Academy 41785Site-based InstructionEquitas Academy 4DataQuest Reports
Equitas Academy 52040Site-based InstructionEquitas Academy 5DataQuest Reports
Equitas Academy 62030Site-based InstructionEquitas Academy 6DataQuest Reports
Equitas Academy Charter1093Site-based InstructionEquitas Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Everest Value1638Site-based InstructionEverest ValueDataQuest Reports
Extera Public1300Site-based InstructionExtera PublicDataQuest Reports
Extera Public School No. 21562Site-based InstructionExtera Public School No. 2DataQuest Reports
Family First Charter1558Combination of Site-based and ISFamily First CharterDataQuest Reports
Fenton Avenue Charter0030Site-based InstructionFenton Avenue CharterDataQuest Reports
Fenton Charter Leadership Academy1613Site-based InstructionFenton Charter Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Fenton Primary Center0911Site-based InstructionFenton Primary CenterDataQuest Reports
Fenton STEM Academy: Elementary Center for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics1605Site-based InstructionFenton STEM Academy: Elementary Center for Science Technology Engineering and MathematicsDataQuest Reports
Gabriella Charter0713Site-based InstructionGabriella CharterDataQuest Reports
Gabriella Charter 21853Site-based InstructionGabriella Charter 2DataQuest Reports
Gaspar De Portola Charter Middle2074Site-based InstructionGaspar De Portola Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
George Ellery Hale Charter Academy1346Site-based InstructionGeorge Ellery Hale Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles1791Site-based InstructionGirls Athletic Leadership School Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
Global Education Academy0934Site-based InstructionGlobal Education AcademyDataQuest Reports
Global Education Academy 21641Site-based InstructionGlobal Education Academy 2DataQuest Reports
Goethe International Charter1036Site-based InstructionGoethe International CharterDataQuest Reports
Gorman Learning Center0285Independent StudyGorman Learning CenterDataQuest Reports
Grace Hopper STEM Academy1612Site-based InstructionGrace Hopper STEM AcademyDataQuest Reports
Granada Hills Charter0572Site-based InstructionGranada Hills CharterDataQuest Reports
Grover Cleveland Charter High1571Site-based InstructionGrover Cleveland Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Hamlin Charter Academy1472Site-based InstructionHamlin Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Hawthorne Math and Science Academy0523Site-based InstructionHawthorne Math and Science AcademyDataQuest Reports
Haynes Charter For Enriched Studies1470Site-based InstructionHaynes Charter For Enriched StudiesDataQuest Reports
Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter1468Site-based InstructionHesby Oaks Leadership CharterDataQuest Reports
High Tech LA0537Site-based InstructionHigh Tech LADataQuest Reports
High Tech LA Middle1929Site-based InstructionHigh Tech LA MiddleDataQuest Reports
ICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy1121Site-based InstructionICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
ICEF Innovation Los Angeles Charter1037Site-based InstructionICEF Innovation Los Angeles CharterDataQuest Reports
ICEF View Park Preparatory Elementary0190Site-based InstructionICEF View Park Preparatory ElementaryDataQuest Reports
ICEF View Park Preparatory High0543Site-based InstructionICEF View Park Preparatory HighDataQuest Reports
ICEF View Park Preparatory Middle0506Site-based InstructionICEF View Park Preparatory MiddleDataQuest Reports
ICEF Vista Elementary Academy1039Site-based InstructionICEF Vista Elementary AcademyDataQuest Reports
ICEF Vista Middle Academy0953Site-based InstructionICEF Vista Middle AcademyDataQuest Reports
iLEAD Agua Dulce2003Site-based InstructioniLEAD Agua DulceDataQuest Reports
iLEAD Hybrid1699Independent StudyiLEAD HybridDataQuest Reports
iLEAD Lancaster Charter1376Site-based InstructioniLEAD Lancaster CharterDataQuest Reports
iLEAD Online1902Independent StudyiLEAD OnlineDataQuest Reports
Ingenium Charter1157Site-based InstructionIngenium CharterDataQuest Reports
Ingenium Charter Middle1536Site-based InstructionIngenium Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Ingenium Clarion Charter Middle1952Site-based InstructionIngenium Clarion Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Intellectual Virtues Academy1814Site-based InstructionIntellectual Virtues AcademyDataQuest Reports
Intellectual Virtues Academy of Long Beach1504Site-based InstructionIntellectual Virtues Academy of Long BeachDataQuest Reports
Invictus Leadership Academy2088Site-based InstructionInvictus Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
iQ Academy California-Los Angeles1135Independent StudyiQ Academy California-Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
ISANA Achernar Academy1827Site-based InstructionISANA Achernar AcademyDataQuest Reports
ISANA Cardinal Academy1285Site-based InstructionISANA Cardinal AcademyDataQuest Reports
ISANA Himalia Academy1858Site-based InstructionISANA Himalia AcademyDataQuest Reports
ISANA Nascent Academy0716Site-based InstructionISANA Nascent AcademyDataQuest Reports
ISANA Octavia Academy1232Site-based InstructionISANA Octavia AcademyDataQuest Reports
ISANA Palmati Academy1246Site-based InstructionISANA Palmati AcademyDataQuest Reports
Ivy Academia0619Site-based InstructionIvy AcademiaDataQuest Reports
Ivy Bound Academy of Math, Science, and Technology Charter Middle0936Site-based InstructionIvy Bound Academy of Math, Science, and Technology Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
James Jordan Middle0734Site-based InstructionJames Jordan MiddleDataQuest Reports
Jardin de la Infancia0663Site-based InstructionJardin de la InfanciaDataQuest Reports
Justice Street Academy Charter1487Site-based InstructionJustice Street Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Kenter Canyon Elementary Charter0227Site-based InstructionKenter Canyon Elementary CharterDataQuest Reports
KIPP Academy of Innovation1586Site-based InstructionKIPP Academy of InnovationDataQuest Reports
KIPP Academy of Opportunity0530Site-based InstructionKIPP Academy of OpportunityDataQuest Reports
KIPP Comienza Community Prep1196Site-based InstructionKIPP Comienza Community PrepDataQuest Reports
KIPP Compton Community1996Site-based InstructionKIPP Compton CommunityDataQuest Reports
KIPP Corazon Academy1855Site-based InstructionKIPP Corazon AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Empower Academy1195Site-based InstructionKIPP Empower AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Generations Academy2079Site-based InstructionKIPP Generations AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Ignite Academy1720Site-based InstructionKIPP Ignite AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Iluminar Academy1508Site-based InstructionKIPP Iluminar AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory0531Site-based InstructionKIPP Los Angeles College PreparatoryDataQuest Reports
KIPP Philosophers Academy1378Site-based InstructionKIPP Philosophers AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Poder Public School2112Site-based InstructionKIPP Poder Public SchoolDataQuest Reports
KIPP Promesa Prep1721Site-based InstructionKIPP Promesa PrepDataQuest Reports
KIPP Pueblo Unido2041Site-based InstructionKIPP Pueblo UnidoDataQuest Reports
KIPP Raices Academy1010Site-based InstructionKIPP Raices AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Scholar Academy1377Site-based InstructionKIPP Scholar AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Sol Academy1379Site-based InstructionKIPP Sol AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Vida Preparatory Academy1587Site-based InstructionKIPP Vida Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Knollwood Preparatory Academy1486Site-based InstructionKnollwood Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
La Tijera K-8 Charter School Academy of Excellence1591Site-based InstructionLa Tijera K-8 Charter School Academy of ExcellenceDataQuest Reports
La Verne Science and Technology Charter1578Site-based InstructionLa Verne Science and Technology CharterDataQuest Reports
Larchmont Charter0717Site-based InstructionLarchmont CharterDataQuest Reports
Lashon Academy1560Site-based InstructionLashon AcademyDataQuest Reports
Lashon Academy City2029Site-based InstructionLashon Academy CityDataQuest Reports
Learning by Design Charter1959Site-based InstructionLearning by Design CharterDataQuest Reports
Learning Works1031Independent StudyLearning WorksDataQuest Reports
Lennox Mathematics, Science and Technology Academy0509Site-based InstructionLennox Mathematics, Science and Technology AcademyDataQuest Reports
Libertas College Preparatory Charter1711Site-based InstructionLibertas College Preparatory CharterDataQuest Reports
Life Source International Charter1225Site-based InstructionLife Source International CharterDataQuest Reports
Lifeline Education Charter0963Site-based InstructionLifeline Education CharterDataQuest Reports
Lockhurst Drive Charter Elementary1478Site-based InstructionLockhurst Drive Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise0675Site-based InstructionLos Angeles Academy of Arts and EnterpriseDataQuest Reports
Los Angeles College Prep Academy0741Site-based InstructionLos Angeles College Prep AcademyDataQuest Reports
Los Angeles Leadership Academy0461Site-based InstructionLos Angeles Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Los Angeles Leadership Primary Academy1333Site-based InstructionLos Angeles Leadership Primary AcademyDataQuest Reports
Los Feliz Charter Middle School for the Arts1960Site-based InstructionLos Feliz Charter Middle School for the ArtsDataQuest Reports
Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts0827Site-based InstructionLos Feliz Charter School for the ArtsDataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy0438Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science AcademyDataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy 20906Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy 2DataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy 30917Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy 3DataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy 40986Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy 4DataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy 50987Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy 5DataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy 60988Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy 6DataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy 70989Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy 7DataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy Bell1236Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy BellDataQuest Reports
Marquez Charter0228Site-based InstructionMarquez CharterDataQuest Reports
Math and Science College Preparatory1412Site-based InstructionMath and Science College PreparatoryDataQuest Reports
Matrix For Success Academy1961Independent StudyMatrix For Success AcademyDataQuest Reports
Method Schools, LA1697Combination of Site-based and ISMethod Schools, LADataQuest Reports
Mission Academy1972Independent StudyMission AcademyDataQuest Reports
Mission View Public0888Independent StudyMission View PublicDataQuest Reports
Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle0931Site-based InstructionMonsenor Oscar Romero Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Montague Charter Academy0115Site-based InstructionMontague Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Multicultural Learning Center0388Site-based InstructionMulticultural Learning CenterDataQuest Reports
N.E.W. Academy Canoga Park0592Site-based InstructionN.E.W. Academy Canoga ParkDataQuest Reports
N.E.W. Academy of Science and Arts0521Site-based InstructionN.E.W. Academy of Science and ArtsDataQuest Reports
Nestle Avenue Charter1465Site-based InstructionNestle Avenue CharterDataQuest Reports
New Designs Charter0601Site-based InstructionNew Designs CharterDataQuest Reports
New Designs Charter School-Watts1120Site-based InstructionNew Designs Charter School-WattsDataQuest Reports
New Heights Charter0761Site-based InstructionNew Heights CharterDataQuest Reports
new Horizons Charter Academy1567Site-based Instructionnew Horizons Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
New Los Angeles Charter0998Site-based InstructionNew Los Angeles CharterDataQuest Reports
New Los Angeles Charter Elementary1788Site-based InstructionNew Los Angeles Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
New Millennium Secondary1020Site-based InstructionNew Millennium SecondaryDataQuest Reports
New Opportunities Charter1557Combination of Site-based and ISNew Opportunities CharterDataQuest Reports
New Village Girls Academy0791Site-based InstructionNew Village Girls AcademyDataQuest Reports
New West Charter0431Site-based InstructionNew West CharterDataQuest Reports
Ocean Charter0569Site-based InstructionOcean CharterDataQuest Reports
OCS - South1921Site-based InstructionOCS - SouthDataQuest Reports
Odyssey Charter0249Site-based InstructionOdyssey CharterDataQuest Reports
Open Charter Magnet0012Site-based InstructionOpen Charter MagnetDataQuest Reports
Opportunities for Learning - Baldwin Park0402Independent StudyOpportunities for Learning - Baldwin ParkDataQuest Reports
Opportunities for Learning - Duarte1599Independent StudyOpportunities for Learning - DuarteDataQuest Reports
Opportunities for Learning - Santa Clarita0214Independent StudyOpportunities for Learning - Santa ClaritaDataQuest Reports
Options for Youth - Duarte, Inc2060Independent StudyOptions for Youth - Duarte, IncDataQuest Reports
Options for Youth San Gabriel0117Independent StudyOptions for Youth San GabrielDataQuest Reports
Options For Youth-Acton, INC.1911Independent StudyOptions For Youth-Acton, INC.DataQuest Reports
Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High0581Site-based InstructionOscar De La Hoya Animo Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Our Community Charter0739Site-based InstructionOur Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Pacoima Charter Elementary0583Site-based InstructionPacoima Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Palisades Charter Elementary0229Site-based InstructionPalisades Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Palisades Charter High0037Site-based InstructionPalisades Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Palmdale Academy Charter2119Site-based InstructionPalmdale Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Palmdale Aerospace Academy1367Site-based InstructionPalmdale Aerospace AcademyDataQuest Reports
Para Los Niños - Evelyn Thurman Gratts Primary1215Site-based InstructionPara Los Niños - Evelyn Thurman Gratts PrimaryDataQuest Reports
Para Los Niños Charter0475Site-based InstructionPara Los Niños CharterDataQuest Reports
Para Los Niños Middle1007Site-based InstructionPara Los Niños MiddleDataQuest Reports
Pasadena Rosebud Academy0857Site-based InstructionPasadena Rosebud AcademyDataQuest Reports
Paul Revere Charter Middle0225Site-based InstructionPaul Revere Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Plainview Academic Charter Academy1435Site-based InstructionPlainview Academic Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Pomelo Community Charter1347Site-based InstructionPomelo Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Port of Los Angeles High0542Site-based InstructionPort of Los Angeles HighDataQuest Reports
PREPA TEC - Los Angeles1542Site-based InstructionPREPA TEC - Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
PUC CALS Middle School and Early College High0331Site-based InstructionPUC CALS Middle School and Early College HighDataQuest Reports
PUC Community Charter Elementary1657Site-based InstructionPUC Community Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
PUC Community Charter Middle and PUC Community Charter Early College High0213Site-based InstructionPUC Community Charter Middle and PUC Community Charter Early College HighDataQuest Reports
PUC Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (eCALS)1354Site-based InstructionPUC Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (eCALS)DataQuest Reports
PUC Excel Charter Academy0798Site-based InstructionPUC Excel Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
PUC Inspire Charter Academy1626Site-based InstructionPUC Inspire Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
PUC Lakeview Charter Academy0603Site-based InstructionPUC Lakeview Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
PUC Lakeview Charter High1241Site-based InstructionPUC Lakeview Charter HighDataQuest Reports
PUC Milagro Charter0600Site-based InstructionPUC Milagro CharterDataQuest Reports
PUC Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy1092Site-based InstructionPUC Nueva Esperanza Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
PUC Triumph Charter Academy and PUC Triumph Charter High0797Site-based InstructionPUC Triumph Charter Academy and PUC Triumph Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Puente Charter0473Site-based InstructionPuente CharterDataQuest Reports
Renaissance Arts Academy0579Site-based InstructionRenaissance Arts AcademyDataQuest Reports
Reseda Charter High2005Site-based InstructionReseda Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Rise Kohyang Elementary1927Site-based InstructionRise Kohyang ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Rise Kohyang High1786Site-based InstructionRise Kohyang HighDataQuest Reports
Rise Kohyang Middle1315Site-based InstructionRise Kohyang MiddleDataQuest Reports
Riverside Drive Charter1362Site-based InstructionRiverside Drive CharterDataQuest Reports
Robert A. Millikan Affiliated Charter & Performing Arts Magnet Middle1473Site-based InstructionRobert A. Millikan Affiliated Charter & Performing Arts Magnet MiddleDataQuest Reports
Russell Westbrook Why Not? High1817Site-based InstructionRussell Westbrook Why Not? HighDataQuest Reports
Russell Westbrook Why Not? Middle1818Site-based InstructionRussell Westbrook Why Not? MiddleDataQuest Reports
Sage Oak Charter School- Keppel1886Independent StudySage Oak Charter School- KeppelDataQuest Reports
San Jose Charter Academy0142Site-based InstructionSan Jose Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Santa Clarita Valley International0981Site-based InstructionSanta Clarita Valley InternationalDataQuest Reports
Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter0446Site-based InstructionSanta Monica Boulevard Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Scholarship Prep - South Bay2042Site-based InstructionScholarship Prep - South BayDataQuest Reports
School of Arts and Enterprise0505Site-based InstructionSchool of Arts and EnterpriseDataQuest Reports
School of Extended Educational Options0914Independent StudySchool of Extended Educational OptionsDataQuest Reports
Serrania Avenue Charter For Enriched Studies1484Site-based InstructionSerrania Avenue Charter For Enriched StudiesDataQuest Reports
Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter1348Site-based InstructionSherman Oaks Elementary CharterDataQuest Reports
SIATech Academy South1700Independent StudySIATech Academy SouthDataQuest Reports
Soleil Academy Charter1931Site-based InstructionSoleil Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Stella Elementary Charter Academy1866Site-based InstructionStella Elementary Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Stella Middle Charter Academy0535Site-based InstructionStella Middle Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
STEM Preparatory Elementary1925Site-based InstructionSTEM Preparatory ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Superior Street Elementary1476Site-based InstructionSuperior Street ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Sylmar Charter High1834Site-based InstructionSylmar Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Synergy Charter Academy0636Site-based InstructionSynergy Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Synergy Kinetic Academy1014Site-based InstructionSynergy Kinetic AcademyDataQuest Reports
Synergy Quantum Academy1299Site-based InstructionSynergy Quantum AcademyDataQuest Reports
Taft Charter High1580Site-based InstructionTaft Charter HighDataQuest Reports
TEACH Academy of Technologies1206Site-based InstructionTEACH Academy of TechnologiesDataQuest Reports
TEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith H. Morris Elementary2004Site-based InstructionTEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith H. Morris ElementaryDataQuest Reports
TEACH Tech Charter High1658Site-based InstructionTEACH Tech Charter HighDataQuest Reports
The SEED School of Los Angeles County2108Site-based InstructionThe SEED School of Los Angeles CountyDataQuest Reports
Today's Fresh Start-Compton1772Site-based InstructionToday's Fresh Start-ComptonDataQuest Reports
Topanga Elementary Charter0230Site-based InstructionTopanga Elementary CharterDataQuest Reports
Topeka Charter School For Advanced Studies1475Site-based InstructionTopeka Charter School For Advanced StudiesDataQuest Reports
University High School Charter2006Site-based InstructionUniversity High School CharterDataQuest Reports
University Preparatory Value High1723Site-based InstructionUniversity Preparatory Value HighDataQuest Reports
Valiente College Preparatory Charter1744Site-based InstructionValiente College Preparatory CharterDataQuest Reports
Valley Charter Elementary1237Site-based InstructionValley Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Valley Charter Middle1238Site-based InstructionValley Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Valley International Preparatory High1926Site-based InstructionValley International Preparatory HighDataQuest Reports
Valor Academy Elementary1787Site-based InstructionValor Academy ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Valor Academy High1539Site-based InstructionValor Academy HighDataQuest Reports
Valor Academy Middle1095Site-based InstructionValor Academy MiddleDataQuest Reports
Van Gogh Charter1479Site-based InstructionVan Gogh CharterDataQuest Reports
Vaughn Next Century Learning Center0016Site-based InstructionVaughn Next Century Learning CenterDataQuest Reports
Village Charter Academy1639Site-based InstructionVillage Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Vista Charter Middle1234Site-based InstructionVista Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
Vista Horizon Global Academy2043Site-based InstructionVista Horizon Global AcademyDataQuest Reports
Vox Collegiate of Los Angeles1917Site-based InstructionVox Collegiate of Los AngelesDataQuest Reports
Wallis Annenberg High0538Site-based InstructionWallis Annenberg HighDataQuest Reports
Watts Learning Center0131Site-based InstructionWatts Learning CenterDataQuest Reports
Watts Learning Center Charter Middle1141Site-based InstructionWatts Learning Center Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
We The People2045Site-based InstructionWe The PeopleDataQuest Reports
Welby Way Charter Elementary School And Gifted-High Ability Magnet1349Site-based InstructionWelby Way Charter Elementary School And Gifted-High Ability MagnetDataQuest Reports
Westwood Charter Elementary0031Site-based InstructionWestwood Charter ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Wilbur Charter For Enriched Academics1482Site-based InstructionWilbur Charter For Enriched AcademicsDataQuest Reports
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter0582Site-based InstructionWilder's Preparatory Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter Middle0977Site-based InstructionWilder's Preparatory Academy Charter MiddleDataQuest Reports
WISH Academy High1863Site-based InstructionWISH Academy HighDataQuest Reports
WISH Community1627Site-based InstructionWISH CommunityDataQuest Reports
Woodlake Elementary Community Charter1483Site-based InstructionWoodlake Elementary Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Woodland Hills Elementary Charter For Enriched Studies1485Site-based InstructionWoodland Hills Elementary Charter For Enriched StudiesDataQuest Reports

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