Charter Schools in California Counties

Nevada County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
Arete Charter Academy1898Combination of Site-based and ISArete Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Bitney Prep High0871Site-based InstructionBitney Prep HighDataQuest Reports
Chicago Park Community Charter1339Site-based InstructionChicago Park Community CharterDataQuest Reports
EPIC de Cesar Chavez1680Site-based InstructionEPIC de Cesar ChavezDataQuest Reports
Forest Charter1427Independent StudyForest CharterDataQuest Reports
Grass Valley Charter0022Combination of Site-based and ISGrass Valley CharterDataQuest Reports
John Muir Charter0255Site-based InstructionJohn Muir CharterDataQuest Reports
Nevada City School of the Arts0869Site-based InstructionNevada City School of the ArtsDataQuest Reports
Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning1336Site-based InstructionSierra Academy of Expeditionary LearningDataQuest Reports
Twin Ridges Home Study Charter1428Independent StudyTwin Ridges Home Study CharterDataQuest Reports
Union Hill Elementary1576Site-based InstructionUnion Hill ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Vantage Point Charter0024Independent StudyVantage Point CharterDataQuest Reports
Yuba River Charter0870Site-based InstructionYuba River CharterDataQuest Reports
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