Charter Schools in California Counties

Yolo County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
Compass Charter Schools of Yolo2059Independent StudyCompass Charter Schools of YoloDataQuest Reports
Da Vinci Charter Academy1079Site-based InstructionDa Vinci Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
Empowering Possibilities International Charter1746Site-based InstructionEmpowering Possibilities International CharterDataQuest Reports
River Charter Schools Lighthouse Charter1659Site-based InstructionRiver Charter Schools Lighthouse CharterDataQuest Reports
Sacramento Valley Charter1338Site-based InstructionSacramento Valley CharterDataQuest Reports
Science & Technology Academy at Knights Landing1201Site-based InstructionScience & Technology Academy at Knights LandingDataQuest Reports
Washington Middle College High0907Site-based InstructionWashington Middle College HighDataQuest Reports
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