Charter Schools in California Counties

Mendocino County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
Accelerated Achievement Academy0439Site-based InstructionAccelerated Achievement AcademyDataQuest Reports
Eel River Charter0032Site-based InstructionEel River CharterDataQuest Reports
La Vida Charter0822Independent StudyLa Vida CharterDataQuest Reports
Pacific Community Charter0192Site-based InstructionPacific Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Redwood Academy of Ukiah0271Site-based InstructionRedwood Academy of UkiahDataQuest Reports
River Oak Charter0910Site-based InstructionRiver Oak CharterDataQuest Reports
Shanel Valley Academy2117Site-based InstructionShanel Valley AcademyDataQuest Reports
Three Rivers Charter1275Site-based InstructionThree Rivers CharterDataQuest Reports
Tree of Life Charter0276Site-based InstructionTree of Life CharterDataQuest Reports
Willits Charter0166Site-based InstructionWillits CharterDataQuest Reports
Willits Elementary Charter1373Site-based InstructionWillits Elementary CharterDataQuest Reports
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