Charter Schools in California Counties

San Francisco County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
City Arts and Tech High0599Site-based InstructionCity Arts and Tech HighDataQuest Reports
Creative Arts Charter0040Site-based InstructionCreative Arts CharterDataQuest Reports
Five Keys Charter (SF Sheriff's)0567Site-based InstructionFive Keys Charter (SF Sheriff's)DataQuest Reports
Five Keys Independence HS (SF Sheriff's)1028Independent StudyFive Keys Independence HS (SF Sheriff's)DataQuest Reports
Gateway High0141Site-based InstructionGateway HighDataQuest Reports
Gateway Middle1267Site-based InstructionGateway MiddleDataQuest Reports
KIPP Bayview Academy0549Combination of Site-based and ISKIPP Bayview AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Bayview Elementary1954Combination of Site-based and ISKIPP Bayview ElementaryDataQuest Reports
KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy0551Combination of Site-based and ISKIPP San Francisco Bay AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory1502Combination of Site-based and ISKIPP San Francisco College PreparatoryDataQuest Reports
Life Learning Academy Charter0140Site-based InstructionLife Learning Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Mission Preparatory1270Site-based InstructionMission PreparatoryDataQuest Reports
The New School of San Francisco1742Site-based InstructionThe New School of San FranciscoDataQuest Reports
Thomas Edison Charter Academy0158Site-based InstructionThomas Edison Charter AcademyDataQuest Reports
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