Charter Schools in California Counties

Santa Barbara County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
Adelante Charter0326Site-based InstructionAdelante CharterDataQuest Reports
California Connections Academy Central Coast2031Independent StudyCalifornia Connections Academy Central CoastDataQuest Reports
California STEAM Santa Barbara1837Independent StudyCalifornia STEAM Santa BarbaraDataQuest Reports
Family Partnership Home Study Charter0763Independent StudyFamily Partnership Home Study CharterDataQuest Reports
Manzanita Public Charter0973Site-based InstructionManzanita Public CharterDataQuest Reports
Olive Grove Charter1768Independent StudyOlive Grove CharterDataQuest Reports
Olive Grove Charter School: Buellton2013Independent StudyOlive Grove Charter School: BuelltonDataQuest Reports
Olive Grove Charter School: Lompoc2012Independent StudyOlive Grove Charter School: LompocDataQuest Reports
Olive Grove Charter School: Orcutt/Santa Maria2011Independent StudyOlive Grove Charter School: Orcutt/Santa MariaDataQuest Reports
Olive Grove Charter School: Santa Barbara2014Independent StudyOlive Grove Charter School: Santa BarbaraDataQuest Reports
Orcutt Academy Charter0967Combination of Site-based and ISOrcutt Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Peabody Charter0021Site-based InstructionPeabody CharterDataQuest Reports
Santa Barbara Charter0020Combination of Site-based and ISSanta Barbara CharterDataQuest Reports
Santa Ynez Valley Charter0337Site-based InstructionSanta Ynez Valley CharterDataQuest Reports
Trivium Charter1319Independent StudyTrivium CharterDataQuest Reports
Trivium Charter School: Adventure1994Independent StudyTrivium Charter School: AdventureDataQuest Reports
Trivium Charter School: Voyage1995Independent StudyTrivium Charter School: VoyageDataQuest Reports
Uplift California Santa Barbara1862Independent StudyUplift California Santa BarbaraDataQuest Reports
Valiant Santa Barbara1907Combination of Site-based and ISValiant Santa BarbaraDataQuest Reports
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