California School Directory

California School for the Blind

County Alameda
District California School for the Blind (State Special Schl)
School California School for the Blind
CDS Code
School Address
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Mailing Address
Phone Number (510) 794-3800
Fax Number (510) 794-3813
Email Information Not Available
Web Address Information Not Available
Gina Ouellette
(510) 794-3816
Angela Martyn
Principal of Education Programs
(510) 936-5514
Adrian Amandi
Director of CERCBVI
(510) 936-5638
Open Date July 1, 1980
School Type State Special Schools
Educational Program Type State Special School
Low GradeK
High GradeAdult
Public School Yes
Magnet Yes
Year Round No
Virtual Instruction Not Virtual
Multilingual Instruction No
NCES/Federal School ID 10346
Statistical Info Link to School Profile
CDS Coordinator
(Contact for Data Updates)
Annie Turner
(510) 936-5623
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