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A log of changes that have been made to the California School Directory (Directory) since the February 2017 release.

Changes for 2020

Date Change Description Version
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Add Last Updated date to school and district detail pages and exports.
  • Redact Web Address information for closed schools in detail page and export.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Displays 1 administrator contact in the Directory and data files.
  • School detail page now utilizes legacy PSA data to find latest school records contact.
  • Added school website, longitude, latitude to export.
  • Added school fax and email to data download.
  • Update Community College link in Resources.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Security upgrade for email service.
  • Performed .NET version upgrade.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Defect identified when user performs and advanced district and county search, selects specific counties and/or districts, then exports search results.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Include district records in the simple search field with auto-populate.

Changes for 2019

Date Change Description Version
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • List the private school custodian contact information for closed private schools.
  • Added CDE private school contact information for private school detail page.
  • Remove "List of active district's schools" link on detail page for closed districts.
  • Redact contact information for closed schools.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Improved design of the Directory Advanced Search page.
  • Added new functionality to the Directory Advanced Search that now provides user the ability to select multiple Status options.
  • Added navigational bar with pull-down menus for Popular Searches, Data Downloads and About the Directory.
  • Added Federal Charter District ID field to the school detail page and export.
  • Added Year Round to Public Schools and Districts Data File download.
  • Added Charter field to advanced and simple search results.
  • Added School Directory disclaimer to school detail page.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added Multilingual search and export.

Changes for 2018

Date Change Description Version
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added simple search field to top of results page.
  • Added search by street address to Advanced Search
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Removed non-accessible Public Schools and Districts Data Files downloads.
  • Added Educational Program Type to School detail page.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added accessible version of Excel for export and Public Schools and Districts Data Files download.
  • Enhancement to CDS Update Data Request form. Added phone extension field. Added validation for phone and phone extension.
  • Added County Offices of Education web-page.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Fixed issue with Simple Search. Corrected functionality when selecting from auto-populate list. Finds all schools and districts that contain the selected words.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added Google source code to front-end that will prevent thumbnail images from appearing in CDE custom search.
  • Remove Excel formatting to speed up data file downloads.
  • Clarify use of Simple Search on Home page and in search description.
  • Add NPS to the Private Schools Search Type on the Advanced Search Directory page.

Changes for 2017

Date Change Description Version
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added functionality to allow users to download customized Directory search results.
  • Additional logic added to Simple Search feature to search, order and return most relevant results.
  • New functionality added to allow users to download school and district data files real-time.
  • Added content to provide information about the California School Directory (Directory).
  • Added school and district data caching to Simple Search auto-complete feature.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added auto-complete functionality to Simple Search.
  • Replace field-level description with accordion-style panels.
  • Updated HTML to address accessibility for vision impaired. This will allow screen readers to properly hear the content of web pages including field-level descriptions.
  • Added functionality to display multiple principals in the school detail view.
  • Added Chief Business Official (CBO) contact information to School Detail view.
  • Added New Search button to No Results page.
  • Formatted phone numbers and phone extensions.
Enhancements and bug fixes include:
  • Added new enhancements including Simple Search feature, which allows users to search through the more commonly used searched fields at one time, rather than having to search through or specify search criteria for each field individually.
  • A change to display search results in three separate tabs - All, District, and School.
Old School Directory retired.
    Added links for "Student Records & Transcripts" and "State GED Office" to Resources panel.
      Added functionality to allow users to export school data to Excel or Text file.
        Complete re-design and re-write of School Directory. Changes and enhancements include:
        • More advanced search options using multiple criteria.
        • Display search criteria in results and allow user to dynamically refine and remove.
        • Re-sortable columns
        • Navigation and rendering is compatible with popular browsers and mobile devices.
        • Uses Google maps.
        • Clean and simplified page content.

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