Charter Schools in California Counties

San Diego County Charter Schools
White: Classroom based instruction (80% of annual instruction on a school site under the supervision of an employee of the school)
Light Pink: Non-Classroom based Independent Study Site (Students may be served in contiguous counties)
School NameCharter NumberSite TypeMore DetailsStatistical Info
Albert Einstein Academies0773Site-based InstructionAlbert Einstein AcademiesDataQuest Reports
All Tribes Charter1057Combination of Site-based and ISAll Tribes CharterDataQuest Reports
All Tribes Elementary Charter1262Site-based InstructionAll Tribes Elementary CharterDataQuest Reports
Altus Schools East County1889Independent StudyAltus Schools East CountyDataQuest Reports
Altus Schools South Bay1903Independent StudyAltus Schools South BayDataQuest Reports
America's Finest Charter1301Site-based InstructionAmerica's Finest CharterDataQuest Reports
Arroyo Vista Charter0483Site-based InstructionArroyo Vista CharterDataQuest Reports
Audeo Charter0406Independent StudyAudeo CharterDataQuest Reports
Audeo Charter II1835Independent StudyAudeo Charter IIDataQuest Reports
Audeo Charter School III1935Independent StudyAudeo Charter School IIIDataQuest Reports
Barona Indian Charter0469Site-based InstructionBarona Indian CharterDataQuest Reports
Baypoint Preparatory Academy - San Diego1966Site-based InstructionBaypoint Preparatory Academy - San DiegoDataQuest Reports
Bella Mente Montessori Academy1515Site-based InstructionBella Mente Montessori AcademyDataQuest Reports
Bostonia Global2105Independent StudyBostonia GlobalDataQuest Reports
Brookfield Engineering Science Technology Academy2055Independent StudyBrookfield Engineering Science Technology AcademyDataQuest Reports
Cabrillo Point Academy1748Independent StudyCabrillo Point AcademyDataQuest Reports
California Pacific Charter - San Diego1758Independent StudyCalifornia Pacific Charter - San DiegoDataQuest Reports
California Virtual Academy @ San Diego0493Independent StudyCalifornia Virtual Academy @ San DiegoDataQuest Reports
Charter School of San Diego0028Independent StudyCharter School of San DiegoDataQuest Reports
Chula Vista Learning Community Charter0135Combination of Site-based and ISChula Vista Learning Community CharterDataQuest Reports
City Heights Preparatory Charter1312Site-based InstructionCity Heights Preparatory CharterDataQuest Reports
Classical Academy0199Independent StudyClassical AcademyDataQuest Reports
Classical Academy High0759Independent StudyClassical Academy HighDataQuest Reports
Classical Academy Vista2016Independent StudyClassical Academy VistaDataQuest Reports
Coastal Academy Charter0516Independent StudyCoastal Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
College Preparatory Middle1967Site-based InstructionCollege Preparatory MiddleDataQuest Reports
Community Montessori1947Independent StudyCommunity MontessoriDataQuest Reports
Compass Charter Schools of San Diego1454Independent StudyCompass Charter Schools of San DiegoDataQuest Reports
Darnall Charter0033Site-based InstructionDarnall CharterDataQuest Reports
Diego Hills Central Public Charter1909Independent StudyDiego Hills Central Public CharterDataQuest Reports
Diego Valley East Public Charter1934Independent StudyDiego Valley East Public CharterDataQuest Reports
Dimensions Collaborative1946Independent StudyDimensions CollaborativeDataQuest Reports
Discovery Charter0054Site-based InstructionDiscovery CharterDataQuest Reports
Dual Language Immersion North County2023Site-based InstructionDual Language Immersion North CountyDataQuest Reports
e3 Civic High1302Site-based Instructione3 Civic HighDataQuest Reports
EJE Elementary Academy Charter0683Site-based InstructionEJE Elementary Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
EJE Middle Academy1063Site-based InstructionEJE Middle AcademyDataQuest Reports
Elevate Elementary1633Site-based InstructionElevate ElementaryDataQuest Reports
Elite Academic Academy - Mountain Empire1924Independent StudyElite Academic Academy - Mountain EmpireDataQuest Reports
Empower Language Academy1634Site-based InstructionEmpower Language AcademyDataQuest Reports
Escondido Charter High0109Combination of Site-based and ISEscondido Charter HighDataQuest Reports
Excel Academy Charter2053Independent StudyExcel Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Feaster (Mae L.) Charter0121Site-based InstructionFeaster (Mae L.) CharterDataQuest Reports
Gompers Preparatory Academy1080Site-based InstructionGompers Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Greater San Diego Academy0261Independent StudyGreater San Diego AcademyDataQuest Reports
Guajome Learning Center1351Independent StudyGuajome Learning CenterDataQuest Reports
Guajome Park Academy Charter0050Site-based InstructionGuajome Park Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Harbor Springs Charter1589Independent StudyHarbor Springs CharterDataQuest Reports
Harriet Tubman Village Charter0046Site-based InstructionHarriet Tubman Village CharterDataQuest Reports
Hawking S.T.E.A.M. Charter1407Site-based InstructionHawking S.T.E.A.M. CharterDataQuest Reports
Health Sciences High0876Site-based InstructionHealth Sciences HighDataQuest Reports
Helix High0150Site-based InstructionHelix HighDataQuest Reports
Heritage K-8 Charter0556Combination of Site-based and ISHeritage K-8 CharterDataQuest Reports
High Tech Elementary1709Site-based InstructionHigh Tech ElementaryDataQuest Reports
High Tech Elementary Chula Vista0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Elementary Chula VistaDataQuest Reports
High Tech Elementary Explorer0278Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Elementary ExplorerDataQuest Reports
High Tech Elementary Mesa0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Elementary MesaDataQuest Reports
High Tech Elementary North County0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Elementary North CountyDataQuest Reports
High Tech High0269Site-based InstructionHigh Tech HighDataQuest Reports
High Tech High Chula Vista0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech High Chula VistaDataQuest Reports
High Tech High International0623Site-based InstructionHigh Tech High InternationalDataQuest Reports
High Tech High Media Arts0622Site-based InstructionHigh Tech High Media ArtsDataQuest Reports
High Tech High Mesa0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech High MesaDataQuest Reports
High Tech High North County0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech High North CountyDataQuest Reports
High Tech Middle0546Site-based InstructionHigh Tech MiddleDataQuest Reports
High Tech Middle Chula Vista0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Middle Chula VistaDataQuest Reports
High Tech Middle Media Arts0660Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Middle Media ArtsDataQuest Reports
High Tech Middle Mesa0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Middle MesaDataQuest Reports
High Tech Middle North County0756Site-based InstructionHigh Tech Middle North CountyDataQuest Reports
Holly Drive Leadership Academy0264Site-based InstructionHolly Drive Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Howard Gardner Community Charter1308Site-based InstructionHoward Gardner Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Iftin Charter0680Site-based InstructionIftin CharterDataQuest Reports
Imperial Beach Charter1418Site-based InstructionImperial Beach CharterDataQuest Reports
Ingenuity Charter1719Independent StudyIngenuity CharterDataQuest Reports
Innovations Academy1024Combination of Site-based and ISInnovations AcademyDataQuest Reports
Insight @ San Diego1371Independent StudyInsight @ San DiegoDataQuest Reports
Integrity Charter0553Site-based InstructionIntegrity CharterDataQuest Reports
JCS - Cedar Cove2022Combination of Site-based and ISJCS - Cedar CoveDataQuest Reports
JCS - Manzanita2024Independent StudyJCS - ManzanitaDataQuest Reports
JCS - Mountain Oaks1992Independent StudyJCS - Mountain OaksDataQuest Reports
JCS - Pine Valley2021Combination of Site-based and ISJCS - Pine ValleyDataQuest Reports
Julian Charter0267Independent StudyJulian CharterDataQuest Reports
Kavod Charter1447Site-based InstructionKavod CharterDataQuest Reports
Keiller Leadership Academy0695Site-based InstructionKeiller Leadership AcademyDataQuest Reports
Kidinnu Academy2054Site-based InstructionKidinnu AcademyDataQuest Reports
King-Chavez Academy of Excellence0420Site-based InstructionKing-Chavez Academy of ExcellenceDataQuest Reports
King-Chavez Arts Academy0704Site-based InstructionKing-Chavez Arts AcademyDataQuest Reports
King-Chavez Community High1015Site-based InstructionKing-Chavez Community HighDataQuest Reports
King-Chavez Preparatory Academy0772Site-based InstructionKing-Chavez Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
King-Chavez Primary Academy0705Site-based InstructionKing-Chavez Primary AcademyDataQuest Reports
KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy0550Site-based InstructionKIPP Adelante Preparatory AcademyDataQuest Reports
Learning Choice Academy0659Independent StudyLearning Choice AcademyDataQuest Reports
Learning Choice Academy - Chula Vista2001Independent StudyLearning Choice Academy - Chula VistaDataQuest Reports
Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter1082Site-based InstructionLeonardo da Vinci Health Sciences CharterDataQuest Reports
Literacy First Charter0405Combination of Site-based and ISLiteracy First CharterDataQuest Reports
MAAC Community Charter0303Combination of Site-based and ISMAAC Community CharterDataQuest Reports
Magnolia Science Academy San Diego0698Site-based InstructionMagnolia Science Academy San DiegoDataQuest Reports
McGill School of Success0095Site-based InstructionMcGill School of SuccessDataQuest Reports
Methodschools1617Independent StudyMethodschoolsDataQuest Reports
Motivated Youth Academy1628Independent StudyMotivated Youth AcademyDataQuest Reports
Mueller Charter (Robert L.)0064Site-based InstructionMueller Charter (Robert L.)DataQuest Reports
Museum0081Site-based InstructionMuseumDataQuest Reports
Nestor Language Academy Charter1252Site-based InstructionNestor Language Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
North County Trade Tech High0884Site-based InstructionNorth County Trade Tech HighDataQuest Reports
Old Town Academy K-8 Charter1279Site-based InstructionOld Town Academy K-8 CharterDataQuest Reports
Pacific Coast Academy1892Independent StudyPacific Coast AcademyDataQuest Reports
Pacific Springs Charter1989Independent StudyPacific Springs CharterDataQuest Reports
Pacific View Charter0247Independent StudyPacific View CharterDataQuest Reports
Pathways Academy Charter - Adult Education2052Independent StudyPathways Academy Charter - Adult EducationDataQuest Reports
Pivot Charter School - San Diego II1983Independent StudyPivot Charter School - San Diego IIDataQuest Reports
Preuss School UCSD0169Site-based InstructionPreuss School UCSDDataQuest Reports
River Valley Charter0120Independent StudyRiver Valley CharterDataQuest Reports
Sage Oak Charter - South2051Independent StudySage Oak Charter - SouthDataQuest Reports
San Diego Cooperative Charter0396Site-based InstructionSan Diego Cooperative CharterDataQuest Reports
San Diego Mission Academy2020Independent StudySan Diego Mission AcademyDataQuest Reports
San Diego Virtual1264Independent StudySan Diego VirtualDataQuest Reports
San Diego Workforce Innovation High1832Independent StudySan Diego Workforce Innovation HighDataQuest Reports
Scholarship Prep - Oceanside1883Site-based InstructionScholarship Prep - OceansideDataQuest Reports
School for Entrepreneurship and Technology1253Site-based InstructionSchool for Entrepreneurship and TechnologyDataQuest Reports
SD Global Vision Academy1190Site-based InstructionSD Global Vision AcademyDataQuest Reports
SIATech0627Combination of Site-based and ISSIATechDataQuest Reports
Sparrow Academy1901Combination of Site-based and ISSparrow AcademyDataQuest Reports
Steele Canyon High0893Site-based InstructionSteele Canyon HighDataQuest Reports
The Heights Charter1488Independent StudyThe Heights CharterDataQuest Reports
The Learning Choice Academy - East County2039Independent StudyThe Learning Choice Academy - East CountyDataQuest Reports
The O'Farrell Charter0048Site-based InstructionThe O'Farrell CharterDataQuest Reports
Urban Discovery Academy Charter1008Site-based InstructionUrban Discovery Academy CharterDataQuest Reports
Vista Springs Charter1968Combination of Site-based and ISVista Springs CharterDataQuest Reports
Vivian Banks Charter0104Site-based InstructionVivian Banks CharterDataQuest Reports

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