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Chief Business Officer Training

NOTE: The application due date for this program has passed.

Funding Description

School districts, county offices of education, and direct-funded charter schools are eligible to receive incentive funding to send their chief business officers (CBOs) or CBO candidates to training given by state-qualified training providers.


Eligible Applicants Local educational agencies
Required Eligibility Criteria Priority is given to eligible CBOs and CBO training candidates from local educational agencies (LEAs) that are currently operating with a state-appointed administrator or trustee, or from LEAs that have received a negative or qualified budget certification within the past five fiscal years.
Other Eligibility Considerations Applicants must provide a provision of assurance by the LEA that the eligible training candidate has committed to provide no less than two years of continuous service to a state public school following completion of the training. Funding may be insufficient to accommodate all interested applicants.
Eligible Grade Level(s) N/A
Eligible Age Level(s) N/A


Legal Authority Budget Item 6110-144-0001(1)
Source / Type State / Apportionment
State Fiscal Year 2008-09
SACS Resource / Revenue Codes 7810 / 8590
Total Available $1,000,000
Recipient Amount $3,000
Match Requirement No
Allocation Formula Funds provide $3,000 per eligible training candidate for up to 333 candidates. The first 50 percent will be allocated upon approval of the application and submission of enrollment verification; the second 50 percent will be allocated upon completion of the training.

Important Dates

Date Application Available Unavailable
Due Date February 20, 2009
Expected Notification Date Unavailable

Additional Information

Application Unavailable
Background Chief Business Officer (CBO) Training []
Fiscal Unavailable
Funding ResultsCBOT Results []
Other Funding is limited and may be insufficient to fund all eligible applicants. A large portion of the 2008-09 budget appropriation has already been obligated to existing candidates on the waiting list that was previously established during the 2006-07 fiscal year.


Program Kathy Mathews, 916-322-1647,
Fiscal Kathy Mathews, 916-322-1647,
Division School Fiscal Services Division, 916-322-3024 (phone), 916-323-0614 (fax)
Last Modified: July 26, 2011

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