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Assessment Information

Administration dates and general assessment information for California public schools.

Transition to New Assessments

Assembly Bill 484 Questions and Answers (New 03-Oct-2013)
Questions and answers regarding Assembly Bill (AB) 484, which establishes California’s new statewide student assessment system. AB 484 was signed into law on October 2, 2013.

Smarter Balanced Assessment System
Latest information about new generation of English–language arts and mathematics assessments.

Reauthorization of the Statewide Pupil Assessment System
Latest information about the reauthorization of California's assessment system

Request for Information — California High School Equivalency Test

Request for Information
The California Department of Education issues this Request for Information from potential vendors of existing high school equivalency tests.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Regulations

CAASPP Regulations
Rulemaking documents relating to the proposed California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Testing Matrices for CAASPP, CAHSEE, CELDT, and PFT

Matrix One
Universal Tools, Designated Supports and Accommodations for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Matrix Two
Matrix of Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications for Administration of the California High School Exit Examination, California English Language Development Test, and the Physical Fitness Test

Matrix Three
English Learner Test Variations for Administration of the California High School Exit Examination and the Physical Fitness Test


Program Assessments

State Assessments

Information Meetings

North/South Information Meetings
Program presentations for Assessment and Accountability Information Meetings.


Assessment Coordinator Designation Forms
Required each school year for submission to the testing contractor.

English-Spanish Education and Assessment Glossary (Updated 08-Nov-2013)
Translation glossary developed by the California Department of Education.

10 Key Elements of Testing—May 2004 (PDF)
Types, terminology, measurement principles, development process, and measurement principles.

Assessment and Accountability E-mail Listservs
Provides one-way communication on state assessment and accountability programs.

California Assessment System: Chart
Quick reference guide to all student tests. Updated January 2014.

Guidelines on Academic Preparation for State Assessments (PDF)
Appropriate academic preparation for all state assessments.

Description of Statewide Assessments Pre-Identification services through the test vendor.

Regional Assessment Network (RAN) Map
Map of California and regional contact information for the Regional Assessment Network (RAN).

Released Test Questions Portal
A list of links to released test questions for STAR, CAHSEE, CELDT, and PFT.

Questions:   Assessment Development & Administration Division | 916-319-0803
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