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Instructional strategy whereby students learn academic content standards by participating in organized service that addresses community needs and fosters civic responsibility.

CalServe K-12 Service-Learning Initiative

The CalServe Initiative (CalServe) was established within the California Department of Education (CDE) in 1990 with federal funding provided through the National and Community Service Act. This legislation was reauthorized in 1993 and created the Corporation for National and Community Service External link opens in new window or tab. , which established Learn and Serve America as one of the streams of community service. During 1990 through 2012, CalServe provided funding to California’s county offices of education, districts, and schools to support the statewide implementation of the instructional method known as service-learning. Federal funding for Learn and Serve America was eliminated from the 2011–12 budget, which eliminated the funding to support CalServe's partnerships. Many school districts continue to support the use of service-learning as an important instructional method.

CalServe Initiative - CalEdFacts
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