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Response to Instruction & Intervention

A general education approach of high quality instruction, early intervention, and prevention and behavioral strategies.


Implementation Support Guide

Provides detailed information about RtI2 processes, terms, core components and self-evaluation tools for implementation.

Implementation Support Web Resources

Provides numerous national and state Web resources organized by California's Ten Core Components so readers may focus on specific areas of interest or browse by topic. Web sites were selected on the basis of usefulness to beginning as well as advanced RtI2 implementers, and for kindergarten through twelfth grade contexts. Annotations help locate needed information quickly.

Policy Briefs

Provide technical assistance and other types of information to district and school personnel throughout California on key RtI2 issues.

  1. Determining Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Using RtI2 (Posted Sept-3-2009; PDF)
    Provides technical assistance for considering how RTI2 can be used in California in the determination of a specific learning disability.
  2. Brief: Staffing for RtI2 Academic Interventions (Posted Dec-21-2011; DOC)
    Provides information and guidance about staffing considerations when planning and implementing RtI2 processes. This brief was reviewed by both California Department of Education and California Commission on Teacher Credentials personnel.
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