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CAPAAR Instructions for School-District Match

The CA Partnership Academies Annual Report (CAPAAR) school-district match is an estimate of the value of 'extra' resources, direct and in-kind, the district provided for the academy during the previous school year.

What is a School-District Match?

The school-district match is an estimate of the value of "extra" resources, direct and in-kind, the district provided for the academy during the previous school year. Be sure to estimate only those which are allowable and constitute supplementing and are not supplanting. Items can only be claimed if they are paid from district funds and provided to specifically support the academy.

Common allowable district match expenses:

Non-allowable district match expenses (what is normally provided by the school and district):

CAPAAR Reporting Section 7 School-District Match

The District Match within the CAPAAR system is found in Section 7; please consider the following when completing that section:

Section 7 Example:

  1. Average non-academy class size:
    (Average non-academy class size in grades 10–12)**
  2. Average academy class size:
    (Include just classes that are designated for academy students only in grades
    10–12** - do not include non-pure classes in this calculation. This should match up with the student rosters provided)
  3. Average annual school district teacher cost per teaching period:
    (Check with the district personnel or fiscal department for this figure. Or use this formula: annual salary divided by the number of class periods)
  4. Academy periods:
    (Enter the total number of academy periods in grades 10–12.** Academy periods should reflect the total number of academy courses described in Section 6: Courses and Curriculum, unless there are two full cohorts. Count only academy periods that are made up of 100 percent academy students. One fully implemented academy cohort typically has at a minimum of 4 periods in grades 10–11 and 2 periods in grade 12 equal a total of ten academy periods. For example, three academic, one CTE course in grades 10–11, and one academic one CTE course in grade 12. Extra academic courses listed are fine, but must tie into the overall career theme)
  5. Extra Preparation Periods:
    Number of extra preparation periods funded by district and allocated to academy teachers: (Do not include academy grant-funded extra preparation. See Section 2 question 7)

    1. Cost for reduced academy class size total
      (This gets automatically calculated based on A - D responses)
    2. Cost for instructional assistants/clerical support:
      Explanation: (Briefly describe academy related tasks/responsibilities, estimated time spent, and calculation used to determine the dollar amount. Note: There is a 500 characters maximum for all of the explanations in this section)
    3. Cost for verifiable administrators/counselors time working:
      Explanation: (Briefly describe academy-related tasks/responsibilities that are performed in ways that go beyond normal duties/responsibilities; estimate the time spent and calculation used to determine the dollar amount. This should not be determined or described as a percentage of an individual’s work day/ year)
    4. Cost for staff development
      Explanation: (Briefly describe in-services or other staff development activities focused on specifically the academy program that were attended by academy staff, and estimate the amount paid by the district)
    5. Cost of other forms of school site or district support
      Explanation: (Describe in detail any match items that do not fit in the categories above and estimate the amount paid for by the district)

Total Match Required:
(This is a prepopulated field is based on full funding, which year of funding you are in, and is often less than the amount paid out. We expect that schools at a minimum match the amount paid out by the State CPA grant)

Total Match Calculation:
(The total School-District match is automatically calculated from responses from number 1–8 above. This amount may reflect more than the Total Match Required, again the goal at a minimum is to match the actual amount provided by the grant)

**SBX1 1 will be reporting grades 9–12

Should you have additional questions regarding how to complete this section of the District-Match feel free to contact, Stephen Work at 916-327-5711 or by e-mail at

Questions:   High School Innovations and Initiatives Office | 916-319-0893
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