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Expenditure Guidelines

California Partnership Academy (CPA) Program Expenditure Guidelines.

All grant and matching funds are supplemental and may not supplant what is normally and legally provided by the school and district. Academy grant funds MUST only be spent on Academy-only items and activities. The California Partnership Academies (CPA) funded through general funds will have a decrease in funding, based on the budget act, but are not subject to categorical flexibility.

Examples of Allowable Expenditures

The Pie chart shows an example of balanced CPA budget program expenditures: 40% for personnel, 25% for technology, 20% for field trips or enrichment, 10% for professional development, and 5% for other uses.

Examples of Non-allowable Expenditures

Examples of District Match

Examples of Business Partners Match

Note: Average value per hour for business partner’s time is estimated at $75/hour.

Examples of Motivational Activities

Motivational activities need to be connected to increasing student achievement and occupational preparation. They can not be activities and/or items that are considered a "gift of public funds" or activities funded "just for fun". Public and personal recognition and selection for special business partnership activities, etc., are ways of motivating students and not considered a "gift of public funds.” The state-district-private sector partnership structure encourages use of private sector support to provide for activities at job sites and other motivational activities.

Goals and Objectives:


CPA Contact Information

Program Contact

Jerry Winthrop, Education Programs Consultant
Phone: 916-319-0457
Fax: 916-319-0168

Stephen Work, Education Programs Consultant
Phone: 916-327-5711
Fax: 916-319-0168

Fiscal Contacts

Proposition 98 Funded CPAs
Machelle Martin, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Phone: 916-319-0473

SB 70 Funded CPAs
Juan Delgado, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Phone: 916-319-0472

AB 519 Green CPAs
Jeanne Geiser, Staff Services Analyst
Phone: 916-319-0474

SBX1 1, Clean Technology & Renewable Energy CPAs
Cindy Rose, Staff Services Analyst
Phone: 916-319-0475

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