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May-June Draft ELA/ELD Framework Chapters

The State Board of Education will act on the draft ELA/ELD Framework at their July 9-10, 2014, meeting. A final prepublication draft of the ELA/ELD framework will be posted later this summer.

Introduction to the Framework (PDF)

Chapter 1: Overview of the Standards (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 2: Key Considerations in the ELA/Literacy and ELD Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 3: Content and Pedagogy: Transitional Kindergarten Through Grade One (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 4: Content and Pedagogy: Grades Two and Three (PDF; 2MB)

Chapter 5: Content and Pedagogy: Grades Four and Five (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 6: Content and Pedagogy: Grades Six Through Eight (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 7: Content and Pedagogy: Grades Nine Through Twelve (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 8: Assessment (PDF)

Chapter 9: Equity and Access (PDF)

Chapter 10: Learning in the 21st Century (PDF)

Chapter 11: Implementing High-Quality ELA/Literacy and ELD Instruction: Professional Learning, Leadership, and Program Supports (PDF)

Chapter 12: Instructional Materials to Support the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and CA ELD Standards (PDF)

Resources (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Appendix X: Role of Literature in the Common Core State Standards and Book Resources for Teachers (PDF)

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