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Program List for Fiscal Year 2006-07

Programs for which Charter Schools may Not Apply for Directly from the State
Fiscal Year 2006-07
(This list is subject to changes that may be made by legislation enacted during the remainder of 2005-06, and 2006-07.)
Name of Program SACS Resource Code

Appropriation Source Budget Act Item
or Other Legislation

Education Code
Security Authority
or Other
Academic Improvement and Achievement: Regional Partnerships (AB 803, Chapter 1292/98) 7337 N/A 11020 et.seq.
Advanced Placement (AP) Program - Exam Fee Assistance (AB 2216, Chapter 793/98) 0000
Agricultural Vocational Incentive Grants
52460 et.seq.
Class-Size Reduction, Grade 9 (or continuation of grades 10-12 class-size reduction; SB 12, Chapter 334/98)

52080 et.seq.
College Preparation Partnership: College Entrance Exams Preparation Courses (SB 1697, Chapter 795/98) 7336 N/A 60830 et.seq.
Deferred Maintenance 6205 6110-188-0001 17565 et.seq.
English Language Acquisition Program 6286 6110-125-0001 400 et.seq.
Foster Youth Services 7365 6110-119-0001 42920 et.seq.
Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) 7140 6110-124-0001 52200 et.seq.
Home-to-School Transportation Programs--Special and Regular Education 7230
6110-111-0001 39820
41850 et.seq.
Instructional Materials  7156 6110-189-0001 60240 et.seq.
International Baccalaureate (IB) Program 7286 6110-240-0001(1) 52920 et.seq.
Principal Training Program 7325 6110-144-0001 44510 et.seq.
Professional Development Block Grant 7393 6110-245-0001 41530 et.seq.
Pupil Retention Block Grant 7390 6110-243-0001 41505 et.seq.
School and Library Improvement Block Grant 7395 6110-247-0001 41570 et.seq.
School Safety Consolidated Competitive Grant
(School Community Violence Prevention Grant)
7391 6110-248-0001 41510 et.seq.
Carl Washington School Safety & Violence Prevention Block Grant, Grades 8-12 6405 6110-228-0001 32228 et.seq.
Machado School Violence Prevention and Response Task Force N/A N/A 32239.5 et.seq.
Specialized Secondary Programs  7370 6110-122-0001 58800 et.seq.
Staff Development: Bilingual Teacher Training and Assistance Program  7275 6110-193-0001(1) 52180 et.seq.
Staff Development: Mathematics and Reading (AB 466) 7294 6110-137-0001 99230 et.seq.
Staff Development: Peer Assistance & Review Program (PAR) for Teachers (AB 1X, Chapter 4/99 eff. 4/6/99) 7271
44500 et.seq.
Staff Development: Reader Services for Blind Teachers 7295 6110-193-0001(3) 44925
45370 et.seq.
Targeted Instructional Improvement Block Grant 7394 6110-246-0001 41540 et.seq.
Teacher Credentialing Block Grant 7392 6110-244-0001 41520 et.seq.
Teacher Dismissal Apportionment 0000 6110-209-0001 44944
Year-Round School Grant Program
(operations grants)
0000 6110-224-0001 42260 et.seq.
The Charter School Categorical Block Grant also contains an amount in lieu of Economic Impact Aid (EIA) funding N/A 6110-128-0001 47634.1(b)(2)
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Last Reviewed: Friday, March 4, 2016

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