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Quarterly lottery apportionments, revenue projections, and reports on lottery expenditures to the Legislature as required by the Budget Act.

Quarterly Lottery Apportionments (Updated 30-Sep-2015)
Lottery Revenue Projections and Accruals (Updated 10-Jul-2015)
Lottery Expenditure Reports
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Quarterly Lottery Apportionments

Fiscal Year 2014-15

Fourth Quarter Apportionment 30-Sep-2015
Third Quarter Apportionment 26-Jun-2015

Second Quarter Apportionment 30-Mar-2015
First Quarter Apportionment 31-Dec-2014

Fiscal Year 2013-14

Fourth Quarter Apportionment 30-Sep-2014
Third Quarter Apportionment 26-Jun-2014
Second Quarter Apportionment 28-Mar-2014
First Quarter Apportionment 31-Dec-2013

Fiscal Year 2012-13

Fourth Quarter Apportionment 30-Sep-2013
Third Quarter Apportionment 25-Jun-2013

Second Quarter Apportionment 29-Mar-2013
First Quarter Apportionment 31-Dec-2012

Fiscal Year 2011-12

Fourth Quarter Apportionment 28-Sep-2012
Third Quarter Apportionment 26-Jun-2012
Second Quarter Apportionment 30-Mar-2012

First Quarter Apportionment 06-Jan-2012

Fiscal Year 2010-11

Fourth Quarter Apportionment 30-Sep-2011
Third Quarter Apportionment 29-Jun-2011
Second Quarter Apportionment 30-Mar-2011
First Quarter Apportionment 30-Dec-2010

Fiscal Year 2009-10

Fourth Quarter Apportionment 30-Sep-2010
Third Quarter Apportionment 28-Jun-2010
Second Quarter Apportionment 30-Mar-2010
First Quarter Apportionment 30-Dec-2009

Lottery Revenue Projections and Accruals

Fiscal Year 2015-16

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 10-Jul-2015

Fiscal Year 2014-15

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 03-Jul-2014

Fiscal Year 2013-14

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 05-Jul-2013

Fiscal Year 2012-13

Revised Lottery Revenue Projections 09-Oct-2012
Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 03-Jul-2012

Fiscal Year 2011-12

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 08-Jul-2011

Fiscal Year 2010-11

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 21-Jul-2010

Fiscal Year 2009-10

Revised Lottery Revenue Projections 04-May-2010
Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 06-Jul-2009

Proposition 20 Lottery Funds

Implementation of Proposition 20 - Lottery Funds for Instructional Material (DOC)

Lottery Expenditure Reports

Reports on Lottery Expenditures for K-12 Education

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