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2007-08 CSBG Deficiency Funds Letter

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
December 16, 2008

Dear Select County Superintendents of Schools, Auditors, and Treasurers:


This special apportionment, in the amount of $13,217,138, is made in accordance with California Education Code (EC) Section 47634.1 for fiscal year 2007–08. The purpose of this apportionment is to provide funding for the categorical block grant deficiency in fiscal year 2007–08. This apportionment provides the difference between each charter school’s calculated 2007–08 Second Principal (P-2) entitlement and the amount apportioned in July 2008.

The warrants will be mailed by the State Controller’s Office to the County Treasurer within three weeks from the date of this letter. The County Treasurer of each county is requested to immediately deposit the amount received into the fund or account of the participating local educational agencies (LEAs) or charter schools at the direction of the County Superintendent of Schools.

If you have any questions regarding this apportionment, please contact Byron Fong, Consultant, Charter Apportionments and District Reorganization Office, at 916-323-0498 or by e-mail at, or Caryn Moore, Administrator, Charter Apportionments and District Reorganization Office, at 916-324-4541 or by e-mail at A copy of this letter and the amount apportioned to participating LEAS or charter schools are available on the California Department of Education’s Web site under Principal Apportionment at




Susan Lange, Deputy Superintendent
Finance, Technology, and Administration Branch


Last Reviewed: Monday, April 11, 2016

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