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Funding Excel Files, FY 2007-08 P-1

Apportionment exhibits provide detail of the distribution of funds by either county and/or district for fiscal year (FY) 2007-08 P-1.

First Principal Apportionment (P-1)

Principal Apportionment Summary (XLS)
Statewide detail for each field of the Principal Apportionment Summary Exhibit.

Prior Year Corrections (XLS; 3MB)
Details of adjustments and prior year recomputations.

Payment Schedule Summary (XLS)
Details of monthly payment schedule summary by local education agencies.

Attendance for Students in County Operated Community Schools and Special Education Special Day Classes (2007-08 P-1) (XLS)

Direct Service ADA (XLS)
Details of direct service average daily attendance (ADA).

Other Purpose ADA (XLS)
Details of other purpose ADA.

In-Lieu of Taxes by District of Residence (XLS)
Details of In-Lieu property taxes by district of residence for fiscal years 2007-08 P-1, 2006-07 Annual and 2005-06 Annual R2.

Countywide ADA by District of Residence (XLS)
Details of countywide ADA by district of residence for fiscal years 2007-08 P-1, 2006-07 Annual and 2005-06 Annual R2.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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