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Infant Program

A Web based report used by special education local plan areas to view reallocation growth units for the Infant Program (ages two and younger).

Infant Growth Web Application

Infant Program (ages two years and younger) Growth and Reallocation of
Special Education Instructional Personnel Service Units
Fiscal Year 2015–16

The Budget Act of 2015 as amended by Senate Bill 101 (Chapter 321, Statutes of 2015) does not provide a growth appropriation for the Infant Program. Thus, in accordance with California Education Code (EC) Section 56432(h) (see below), the California Department of Education (CDE) will not be able to increase the number of instructional personnel service units (units) for purposes of state apportionments. However, as in years past, the CDE makes available to each special education local plan area (SELPA) the Infant Reallocation and Growth Report through a web based application. These units are calculated pursuant to EC Section 56432 and the Budget Act of 2015. The Description of the Infant Reallocation and Growth Report provides line descriptions and calculation details to guide SELPAs when reviewing the Infant Reallocation and Growth Report.

Special attention should be given to Lines 6.d and 8.d of the Infant Reallocation and Growth Report.

  • A negative number on Line 6.d (Total units to be released) indicates a release of units; anything other than a negative number represents no loss of units. To avoid this release of units per EC Section 56432(g), SELPAs must submit a waiver request form and provide programmatic justification for the waiver. The Infant Program Waiver Request document is available by clicking on the link provided below.

  • A positive number on Line 8.d (Total units available) indicates units available to the SELPA. Unfortunately, as explained above, these will not be funded in 2015–16 and all units will remain the same as in the prior year.

Infant Program Waiver Request (DOC)

California Education Code Section 56432(h)

“(h) By authorizing units pursuant to this section, the superintendent shall not increase the statewide total number of instructional personnel service units for purposes of state apportionments unless an appropriation specifically for growth in the number of instructional personnel service units is made in the annual Budget Act or other legislation. If that growth appropriation is made, units authorized by the superintendent pursuant to this section are subject to the restrictions that the units shall be funded only by that growth appropriation and no other funds may be apportioned for the units.”

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, March 24, 2016
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