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Middle & High School Counseling

The middle and high school supplemental school counseling program was established to increase the number of school counselors that serve seventh through twelfth grade students. These counselors provide students with information on education and career options. These counselors also serve students who are at risk of not graduating. The counseling program contains two parts. Part one is a review of the student's school records. Part two is a meeting with the student and the parents or guardians, to discuss school records and additional educational options for the student.

At this time, school districts are not required to provide these special counseling services.

  • For more information about the middle and high school supplemental school counseling program, contact your local school district.
  • The Counseling/Student Support - CalEdFacts page provides a more detailed overview of Counseling programs.
  • The links and information below were developed for educators and others who are directly involved with the middle and high school supplemental school counseling program.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions and answers about the Middle and High School Supplemental School Counseling Program.

National School Counseling Week
Information regarding National School Counseling Week, held each February, sponsored by the American School Counselor Association.

Tenth Grade Counseling
A program that supports the systematic review of academic progress and counseling during the final two years of high school.

School Counseling Programs - CalEdFacts
This content is part of California Department of Education's information and media guide about education in the State of California. For similar information on other topics, visit the full CalEdFacts.

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