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Sample Policies and Implementation Plans

Model policies and plans on the prevention of bullying and on conflict resolution that were developed by the California Department of Education as resources to help California schools address these vital school safety concerns.

To ensure that the California schools act promptly to resolve disputes, taunting, harassment, intimidation, or bullying that could result in violence, the Legislature and the Governor enacted Assembly Bill 9. This bill amends California Education Code sections 234, 234.1, 234.2, and 234.3, and adds Section 234.5.

The California Department of Education developed the following policies as resources to help California schools address these vital school safety concerns. School districts may adapt these policies to local needs and are encouraged to include:

  • Examples of strategies used in their schools for promoting positive behavior being practiced by its school community,
  • Training conducted for teachers and staff about how to appropriately intervene in a dispute, including expectations from adults who observe a dispute or act of taunting, harassment, or bullying,
  • Conflict resolution or peer mediation training provided to students and expectations of students who observe disputes that could lead to violence, including identifying the person(s) to be contacted if needed.

Sample Policy for Bullying Prevention

Sample Action Plan for Local Educational Agencies

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
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