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Hot topics are subjects that are mentioned a lot in the news and are of great interest to the public. These pages are designed to answer frequently asked questions about these ongoing subjects.

  • If reporters would like more information about these hot topics, please use the Reporter Request Form to contact the Communications Division.
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  • The links and information below were developed for reporters and others involved in education.

California Tempers Backlash While Embracing Common Core [] External link opens in new window or tab.
New York Times — June 22, 2015

California's New Testing Program
Information on the state's new online tests in English and math, called CAASPP, which improve learning by providing more accurate and timely measures of student progress toward career and college readiness.

California's New Standards for Science
An explanation of California's Next Generation Science Standards.

California's New Standards for English and Mathematics
This explains the new, rigorous California state standards in English and math that help prepare students for the 21st century economy by emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving.

A New Way of Funding Public Schools
An explanation of California's new Local Control Funding Formula.

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