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CA Environmental Ed. Interagency Network (CEEIN)

Information on California state departments, boards, and commissions with oversight responsibility to protect California's environment.


The California Environmental Education Interagency Network (CEEIN) is a state government consortium of environmental educators representing departments, boards, and commissions of the California Department of Education (CDE), California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA), The Resources Agency of California (RA), and the Department of Food and Agriculture (DFA). CEEIN fosters broad understanding of the State's environmental and cultural resources while affirming that education is essential to the development of understanding and respect for the environment. The CEEIN partnership provides a forum for its members to share resources, programs, and materials with California's public schools and students in kindergarten through university. This partnership is solidified by a memorandum of understanding, which has been signed by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction and the secretaries of Cal/EPA, RA, and DFA. CDE hosts the CEEIN Web site as one of its responsibilities on the partnership. The site was previously hosted by CalEPA through 2009.

The primary goals of CEEIN are to develop a unified response to the environmental education needs of California's educators and local governments, and to assist with statewide educational reform movements. Additionally, a "leadership by consensus" approach was devised to maintain the spirit of an open forum whereby the responsibility for meetings and projects are shared by all CEEIN agencies. The lead agency is designated every two years.

CEEIN subcommittees include Administration and Organization; Communications and Outreach; Diversity, Leadership, and Legislation; and Public and Private Partnerships.

CEEIN accomplishments include the Curricula and Compendia Project, supporting the California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) network, establishing an outreach program that includes development and distribution of the CEEIN brochure, conducting workshops designed specifically for educators, and staffing exhibits booths at environmental conferences and fairs.


Environmental Education Curriculum Resources
Resources from CEEIN members and others for integrating environmental concepts into lesson plans.

A listing of events that may be of interest to educators who would like to integrate environmental education into their teaching.

CEEIN Members

The following departments, boards, and commissions are members of CEEIN.

California Department of Education (CDE)

Resources within CDE:

California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) External link opens in new window or tab.

Department of Food and Agriculture External link opens in new window or tab.

California Natural Resources Agency External link opens in new window or tab.

Sierra Nevada Conservancy External link opens in new window or tab.

Meeting Schedule 2014

CEEIN members meet monthly to discuss and share information about national and statewide environmental education efforts. These monthly meetings allow participants to network with their counterparts at the other boards, departments, and commissions on a regular basis. Discussions enable the various participants to rapidly exchange information and increase the breadth of information dissemination. This communication enables members to maximize their efforts and minimize redundancy.


CEEIN Procedural Handbook (DOC; 177KB; 12pp.)

Archived Meeting Minutes

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