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October 2013 Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2013, meeting minutes for the American Indian Education Oversight Committee.

American Indian Education Oversight Committee Meeting

October 14, 2013


Committee Members: Laura Lee George (Chair), Amber Machamer (Vice Chair), Rodney Lindsay, Kathleen Marshall, Rachel McBride, Deborah DeForge (10:21)

Members Present Via Teleconference: André Cramblit (Parliamentarian), Irma Amaro

Excused Absence: Russell “Butch” Murphy

California Department of Education (CDE) Staff Present: Gordon Jackson, Barbara Pomerantz, Judy Delgado, Chavela Delp, Ramona Hoffman

Meeting convened at 10:00 a.m.

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to change the order of agenda items. Rodney Lindsay moved to approve the changes. Rachel McBride seconded. All in favor.

Item 2―Update from WestEd Update
Presented by Margit Burge, Program Associate, WestEd

Margit Burge distributed the following materials:

Item 7― Progress on Assembly Bill 544 Eminence Credential: American Indian Languages
Presented by Kathleen Marshall, American Indian Education Oversight Committee (AIEOC) Member

Item 1―CDE Updates
Presented by Judy Delgado, American Indian Education Consultant, CDE

Rachel McBride—Is the AIECE funding going to be put with the American Indian Education Center (AIEC) Program?

Judy Delgado—There is currently talk going on in the CDE, however, no decisions have been made.

Item 3―Public Comment

Laura Lee George—Are there public comments? Do we have a list of people who want to make public comments? (All public comments also need to be written on cards.) For public comments, each person will be allowed five minutes to speak, because the topic is of such importance.

Judy Delgado—Provided the following clarifications:

Gordon Jackson—The CDE’s Legal Office is reviewing letters regarding the grant application review process for the AIEC Program, and their review is not yet complete.

Laura Lee George—Do you know when that process will conclude?

Gordon Jackson—We are trying to be as expeditious as possible, and we are moving as quickly as possible.

Rod Lindsay—We do need to move as quickly as possible: many people are being impacted by this matter. I make a motion that we send an advisory to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI) that the AIECs receive some funding immediately, for one year, at the 2012–13 rate of funding allocation.

Deborah DeForge—I second the motion.

Laura Lee George—Is there discussion on this?

Irma Amaro—States that the advisory not affect the AIECs that are funded, because there were fundable applications.

Deborah DeForge—The laws says that reports have to be completed and submitted. There is no timeline. There are 60 percent of reports that weren’t counted because the CDE lost the reports. AIECs are told at meetings that they are okay and then you get put on the “bad” list. Mr. Vivas submitted a letter with legal challenges. Can the AIEOC receive a copy of the letter that was submitted to the CDE?

Irma Amaro—It was stated in the RFA that a couple of years were not collected because the changing of Analysts. Chavela has sent e-mails when a report is late. We are all in this together; therefore, we should submit an advisory in a positive way. We should be asking for more money. We knew that we were going to be funded at a lower level because there isn’t enough money.

Deborah DeForge—If 77 percent of your class fails, then it’s the teacher.

Laura Lee George—Let’s get back to the motion. The motion is to send an advisory to the SSPI recommending that the 20 AIECs who did not meet the minimum scoring criteria on the RFA be funded immediately for one year the 2012-13 level without affecting the seven AIEC that have already been recommended for approval, and that the AIEOC be involved in reviewing RFAs before they are finalized in order to identify discrepancies.

Laura Lee George—Let’s take a vote. All in favor.

Deborah DeForge—Our function is to advise the SSPI. We cannot say, "You'll get your check in the mail tomorrow."

Laura Lee George—Are there any other public comments?

Josie Talamantez—I applaud you for making the motion that you just did—that you recommend that all applications be funded at the 2012-13 level.

Cindy La Marr—All AIECs should be funded at the same level because the process was flawed.

Laura Lee George—Does the AIEOC want to be involved in reviewing the applications that are submitted?

Amber Machamer—I make a motion that the AIEOC send an advisory to recommend to the SSPI that the CDE engage AIEOC members in the process of helping to draft and develop the wording for any future RFAs involving the AIECs.

Laura Lee George—In the past, the AIEOC was involved in helping to write legislation. Should we have some discussion on whether there’s any conflict of interest between AIEOC members helping to draft the RFA wording and being an applicant for funding?

Irma Amaro―We are not participating as members in the AIEOC just for ourselves or our own interests.

Deborah DeForge—Seconded the motion made by Amber Machamer that the AIEOC send an advisory to the SSPI to recommend that the CDE engage AIEOC members in the process of helping to draft and develop the wording for any future RFAs involving the AIECs.

Rachel McBride—The AIEOC members that are writing an application cannot be involved.

Irma Amaro—That is true.

Laura Lee George—Let’s take a vote. All in favor. One abstention by André Cramblit.

Laura Lee George—Is there any further discussion for Item 3, Public Comment?

Laura Lee George—Agenda Item 5 has been cancelled. Item 6 will be put on the agenda for the next AIEOC meeting.

Item 4—California Tribal College
Presenter: Marilyn Delgado, Interim Director of the California Tribal College, and Crystal Blue, California Tribal College Coordinator

Crystal Blue
CTC Coordinator
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation
P.O. Box 216, Brooks, CA 95606
Telephone: 530-796-3400
California Tribal College External link opens in new window or tab.

Amber Machamer—Some of the issues I think you’ll see will be not so much in the way of curriculum issues, but issues about student population and services for that population.

Item 8―Committee Business

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to approve the July 15, 2013, AIEOC meeting minutes. Irma Amaro moved to approve the July 15, 2013, AIEOC meeting minutes with a correction to the spelling of Kathleen Marshall’s name. André Cramblit seconded. All in favor. 

Laura Lee George—The next meeting will be January 13, 2014, at the CDE.

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Rachel McBride moved to adjourn the meeting. Kathleen Marshall seconded. All in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Questions: Judy Delgado | | 916-319-0506 
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