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Child Care Reporting--Child Last Name

Child Last Name


The Child Last Name is the last name (family name) of the child receiving Early Education and Support Division (EESD)-subsidized child development services.

Where to Find It

On the CD-9600 form, look in box 1, "Full Name of Child Including Middle Initial" in Section IV, "Data on Children."

Rules and Guidelines

  • This information is required.
  • The minimum length of this field is two characters. The maximum length of this field is 50 characters.
  • If a child did not receive EESD-subsidized services in the report month, do not include that child in the report.
  • Special instructions for foster children: If this is a foster child, the first name, last name, and middle initial of the child (or, when more than one foster child in the family is being reported, the oldest child) receiving EESD-subsidized services must be the same as the head-of-household's first name, last name, and middle initial.

Error Messages and Solutions

The Child Last Name is required. [801A File Transfer], [801A Web Input], [801B]

You have left the field blank.


Enter the Child Last Name information.

The Child Last Name must be more than one character long. [801A File Transfer], [801A Web Input], [801B]

The Child Last Name is one character long.


Enter a Child Last Name that is at least two characters long.

The Child's Last Name must contain only letters, hyphens, spaces, and apostrophes. [801A File Transfer], [801B Web Input], [801B]

You have entered invalid characters in the Last Name field.


Remove the invalid characters and confirm that you have entered the last name correctly.

The Child's Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and birthday already exist for this family in this report month/year. [801A Web Input], [801B]

A child with this last name and first name already exists for this family. The system will not accept a duplicate child.


Verify each child's first name, middle initial, last name, and date of birth for this family and resolve any errors.

When Family Size = "1," the Child Last Name and the Head-of-Household Last Name must be the same. [801B]

The Family Size is "1," but the Head-of-Household Last Name and the Child Last Name don't match. For a Family Size of "1," the child information must be the same as the head-of-household information.


Confirm that you have entered the Head-Of-Household last name correctly. Confirm that you have entered the oldest Child Last Name correctly.

Confirm that you have entered the element "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" correctly.

When "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" = "Child is Head-of-Household" and "Family Size" is greater than "1," the "Child's Last Name" of the oldest child and the "Head-of-Household Last Name" must be the same. [801B]

You have answered the question "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" as "Child is Head-of-Household," but the Head of Household’s name for this family does not match the oldest child’s (or only child’s) name. For reporting purposes only, when only children receiving services are counted in determining the family size, the Head-of-Household’s name must be the same as the name of oldest child (or only child) reported.


Confirm that you have entered the Head-of-Household last name correctly.

Confirm that you have entered the oldest child's last name correctly.

Confirm that this is a foster child. If it is, ensure that the Head-of-Household last name and the oldest foster child's (or only child's) last name are the same. If this is not a foster child, change the answer to the question, "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" to "No" or "Yes."

FAQs about the Child Last Name

Question 1

The child's (first and last) name is the same as the "head-of-household." Will this come up as an error?


No. But be sure that you are not listing the child as the "head-of-household" unless the child is a foster child. See special instructions for foster children in the data definitions and instructions under Child First Name or Child Last Name.

Questions:   CDMIS Staff | | 916-445-1907
Last Reviewed: Friday, November 13, 2015
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