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Team California for Healthy Kids-Early Childhood

Early Education and Support Division

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson has initiated the Team California for Healthy Kids to promote healthy eating and physical activity throughout the day, every day, in schools, before and after school agencies, early childhood programs, and communities. The campaign will focus on making healthy choices the easy choices.

Active play is essential to the optimal physical development and overall health of young children. Physical activity embedded throughout the preschool day promotes children's ability to attend to, learn, and regulate their emotional responses. Active physical play not only enhances the body's physiological functions (i.e., physical fitness), it promotes optimal brain chemistry for self-regulation and enhances learning readiness. As such, it should be fully integrated into the regular preschool day.

Lifelong eating habits are shaped during a child's early years. Teachers of young children have a special opportunity to help children establish a healthy relationship with food and lay the foundation for sound eating habits. Nutrition education and activities help set children on the path to a healthful lifestyle. Providing nutritionally balanced meals and snacks and integrating nutrition education and healthy eating habits in the home and early childhood environment can help prevent health risks such as childhood obesity.

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