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CAPAAR Terms of Usage Security Policy

Terms of Usage Security Policy in connection with the California Partnership Academies online Annual Reporting System.


The California Department of Education (CDE) is requesting that all California Partnership Academy Annual Report (CAPAAR) users review the following material and agree to the information security conditions. This document contains important information concerning system security and provides examples of behaviors that are recommended to protect the privacy and confidentiality of student and program information. We appreciate your cooperation and request that you review all materials prior to accessing the system.

Authorization Language

All local educational agency (LEA) representatives that are authorized to access CAPAAR will see the following language upon each log on and will be asked to check the box indicating that they agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document:

NOTICE — You are about to access the CAPAAR computer system of CDE. This system is intended for authorized users only. Unauthorized access to or use of this system, or any information therein, is strictly prohibited by Department policy, the CAPAAR Rules of Behavior Agreement, and applicable state and federal laws. Unauthorized access to this system, and/or unauthorized use of information from this system may result in civil and/or criminal penalties under applicable state and federal laws.

By using this system, you are acknowledging and agreeing that all information concerning your access to this system, including but not limited to any information entered, stored, or retrieved by you, may be monitored, retrieved, and/or disclosed by authorized personnel, including authorized network administrators and CDE personnel, for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to criminal prosecution.

System CAPAAR is a CDE information system for official use only. The security topics addressed in this document provide security information specific to the CAPAAR system. It is important that you read through the entire text.

Local Educational Agency CAPAAR Administrator Guidelines and Application

CAPAAR security controls are implemented to protect the information processed and stored within the system.

Specifically, these controls settings are designed to:

User Credentials

User credentials are the control mechanism by which CAPAAR identifies and verifies users. These are your user ID and password.

User IDs uniquely identify each CAPAAR user and allow the CDE CAPAAR Administrators to attribute actions taken within the system to a specific user. This tracking is important in enforcing accountability within the system. The recommended User ID for LEA Administrators will be created by the CDE CAPAAR Operations Office and will be provided to authorized users prior to initial use of the CAPAAR system.

It is important for you to comply with the following rules governing user credentials:

Protection of CAPAAR Information

You are required to protect CAPAAR information in any form. This includes information contained on printed reports, data downloaded onto computers and computer media (e.g., diskettes, tapes, compact discs, thumb drives, etc.), user computer monitors, or any other format.

In order to ensure protection of CAPAAR information, please consider the following guidelines:

Other Security Issues

This section describes some additional security items of which you should be aware.

CA Partnership Academies Annual Report (CAPAAR)

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