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CARS Data Policies

This page contains policy statements related to the ConApp.

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Below are policies related to the Consolidated Application, and the management of categorical program data collected by the Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS). Specific program guidance can be found at:

LEA Specific

  • Consolidated Application Reporting Requirements That Apply to Local Educational Agency (LEA) Reorganizations (Dated 14-Jun-2013)
    Document to clarify the CARS reporting requirements in the event of LEA reorganizations.
  • LEAs shall keep a printed, signed version of the Application for Funding at their site and be prepared to show it when requested by state personnel.
  • The LEAs shall maintain three years of supporting records and documentation related to funding activities after the final year those funds are expended.
  • DELAC/DAC Input and Local Board Approval Dates (Dated 17-May-2013)
    Document presented to the Categorical Programs Directors meeting on May 17, 2013 to clarify the requirement to have the DELAC/DAC review the ConApp prior to the local board approval.
  • Advisory Council Requirements (Dated 28-Feb-2013)
    Letter to County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators to explain advisory council requirements.

CDE Data Retention

  • The California Department of Education (CDE) will not purge (and will retain) historical LEA certified data from CARS.
  • The CDE will retain five years of historical data collected in ConApp Data System (CADS) FoxPro, and to the extent that the FoxPro technology is still viable, will retain the software application to access the data.

CARS Data Management

  • The CDE will only use data that is official (i.e., data that the LEA has submitted and certified).
  • Once an LEA has submitted certified data for a data collection and the final deadline has passed, the LEA will no longer be allowed to revise the data within CARS. A formal process will be defined for re-opening a data collection that will include an impact assessment and appropriate approval from CDE program directors and the Educational Data Management Division.
  • Draft data (saved uncertified data) will not be visible to CDE program staff or the public except as follows:
    • CARS service desk staff will be provided access in order to allow them to troubleshoot issues.
    • The LEA authorizes read only access to a CDE program staff person.
  • Only LEAs can modify their data. CDE staff should not, under any circumstances, modify an LEA’s data.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, June 12, 2015

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