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USDA Foods: Unallocated and Excess Accounts

Nutrition Services Division Management Bulletin
Purpose: Beneficial Information

To: U.S. Department of Agriculture Foods Processors and Recipient Agencies

Number: NSD-FDP-01-2012

Attention: Food Service Directors, U.S. Department of Agriculture Foods Processors

Date: September 2012

Subject: U.S. Department of Agriculture Foods: Unallocated and Excess Accounts at Approved Processors

This Management Bulletin (MB) provides clarification on procedures for handling U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods in Unallocated Accounts and Excess Accounts at approved processors.

USDA Foods in Unallocated Accounts

Unallocated inventory is inventory on incoming trucks that is not assigned to any particular recipient agency (RA). Unallocated pounds are currently designated on processor schedules as “Unallocated.” All unallocated pounds must be placed in an Unallocated Account at processors. The pounds may only be allocated to RAs with entitlement to spend. An RA requesting to use these pounds needs to work with their Food Distribution Program (FDP) Order Coordinator to assign unallocated pounds to them. In order to receive unallocated pounds, the RA may be charged entitlement and an administrative fee.

The FDP Order Coordinators are listed below:

Advance Order agencies
Siernah Barron

North State Cooperative (Co-op) agencies
Geovanna Toliver-Bean

South State Co-op agencies
Felisha Zuniga

Direct Ship agencies and Private Co-op lead districts
Marina Soto

Procedure for Assigning Unallocated USDA Foods to an RA
USDA Foods in Excess Accounts

USDA Foods may only be placed into an Excess Account with the approval of the FDP. Inventory in the Excess Account is from RAs with excess inventory or unused carryover inventory. Pounds in the Excess Account do not cost entitlement or administrative fees for RAs to use.

Procedure for Assigning USDA Foods in an Excess Account to an RA
Transfers into the Excess Account from RAs

As stated previously, inventory in the Excess Account is from RAs with excess inventory or unused carryover.

RAs with excess inventory can agree to transfer some or all of their inventory at a processor to the Excess Account at the processor. Transfers into an Excess Account require a completed transfer form. The RA and the processor must complete and sign the transfer form, then send it by e-mail or fax to the processor’s FDP Processing Consultant. The Agency to State Transfer Form is available on the CDE USDA Food Transfer Forms Web page at The FDP Processing Consultant will review the transfer form and approve the transfer. The approved transfer form is faxed to the RA and the processor. When the RA and the processor receive the approved transfer form, the processor may transfer the pounds from the RA to the Excess Account.

RAs with unused carryover may have inventory moved into the Excess Account as outlined in FDP MB NSD-FDP-05-2011, Carryover Inventory at USDA Foods Processors, available on the CDE Food Distribution Management Bulletins Web page at

Unallocated and Excess Accounts on Monthly Performance Reports

For effective use of the Unallocated and Excess Accounts, processors must track and report the Unallocated Account and the Excess Account separately on their monthly performance reports.

If you have any questions regarding this MB, please contact Jeanette Lund, Processing Consultant, by phone at 916-324-6150 or by e-mail at

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