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Preparing to Use the CMD System

LEAs should develop a plan and structure for using the CMD.

Organizing local CMD users

The Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents (CMD) offers three levels of access to provide flexibility to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) for managing the CMD data. Depending on the size and organization of an LEA's document translation operation, an LEA may use one or more of the access levels.

Every participating LEA should have one person assigned the Level One access. This person is the point of contact for CMD communications from the CDE and can distribute Level Two and Level Three access codes to others in the LEA.

For a LEA that has several staff managing CMD data, it would be appropriate to assign a person as the Level One CMD LEA administrator, assign Level Two access to staff who will be entering data, and Level Three access for staff who will be only searching the database. Smaller LEAs with only one person managing the CMD data might need only the Level One access.

Determining which translated documents will be shared via the CMD

Prior to entering data about translated documents into the CMD database, LEAs should consider how the translated document will be useful to other LEAs.

Reasons for sharing documents via the CMD
Reasons for Not sharing documents via the CMD

Making translated documents available

There are no standard methods for sharing translated documents with other LEAs. When sharing documents, LEAs should consider the following:


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