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Web Site Information

Policy, standards, and other information pertaining to the California Department of Education Internet Web site.

New and Updated Web Content
A listing of all new and updated Web content on the California Department of Education (CDE) Web site for a date and topic area.

Preparing Documents for CDE Web Sites
Guidance to organizations who send documents to CDE to post on a CDE Web site.

CDE Web Site Overview
Technical details of the California Department of Education's Internet Web site.

Free Third-party Readers & Viewers
Free software enabling visitors to the Department's Web site to read documents formatted in different platforms (e.g., Microsoft Word [DOC], Portable Document Format [PDF], Rich Text Format [RTF]).

Web Policy
Provides information about the policies governing the CDE Internet Web site.

Web Standards
The Web rules that govern our Web sites, the content that CDE staff post to other Web sites, and the work done on our behalf by contractors.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Recently Posted in Department Information

  • Accounting Administrator III (DOC) (added 11-May-2016)
    Bulletin for a SPOT Exam for the Accounting Administrator III in the CA Dept of Education.
  • State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA) 2015 (PDF) (added 08-Apr-2016)
    In accordance with the State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA), the Department of Education submitted this report on the review of our systems of internal control and monitoring processes for the biennial period.
  • Nutrition Education Consultant QAQ (DOC) (added 29-Mar-2016)
    Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire for the Nutrition Education Consultant in the CA Department of Education.