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Using the Sub-Agency/No Services Screen


Agency Super Users use this screen to:

  • Indicate specific months where a program type will not provide any services for the entire month, or
  • Create or view the sub-agencies used by an agency for CDD-801A reporting.

How to Report No Service Periods

The California Department of Education uses this information to determine if an agency is not providing services for a specific contract/program type (e.g., CCTR, CSPP, C2AP, etc.) during a report month. If you place a check mark in a box under the No Service Periods section, it will indicate that no CDD-801A will be submitted that month for the specified program type(s) in the selected fiscal year.

To report No Services Periods for a specific month and program type, scroll to the "No Service Periods" section of the Sub-agency/No Services screen. Select the fiscal year to be updated. Next, place a check mark in the appropriate box to indicate that no services will be provided for the month(s) and program type(s) specified. When you are finished you must click the "Save No Service Periods" button before you leave the screen or your changes will not be saved. If you attempt to mark no services for programs in months where families receiving services in those programs have already been submitted, you will receive the message "The No Services Periods for the program and report month you checked cannot be saved because services have already been reported for that program in the report month selected." This message will be followed by the Month and Program Type causing the problem. You then need to decide if you have submitted 801A reports for these programs in error and need to delete families that should not have been reported, or if only one of your sites is closed and others are operating and these boxes should not be checked.

Note: Many agencies have more than one site providing services for the same program type. For instance, if you have two sites operating a CCTR program and only one of those sites is not operating during a particular report month, then you should not check the box because it will prevent the operating site from submitting their report. If users attempt to submit a CDD-801A report for the site providing services (adding or editing families and children, copying families from month to month, or submitting electronic files) they will receive the following message: "Program Code 1 (or Program Code 2 or Program Code 3) is marked as No Service for this reporting period." Remember, by checking the box you are indicating there are no services at all from your entire agency for that program type and report month.

No Service Periods can only be viewed and updated by an agency super user. If you find that a program type has been marked by mistake, contact the your agency's super user and have them correct the information by un-checking the "No Services Periods" box for the report month.

How to Add or Change Sub-Agency Information

Sub-agencies are not required - they are optional. To add a new sub-agency, click the "Add Sub-Agency" button at the bottom of the screen. To edit an existing sub-agency, click the sub-agency's name.
Result: The sub-agency section will expand at the bottom of the page and allow you to enter information. Then you can follow the instructions under the "how to use this screen" link that appears in the edit sub-agency section.

How to Exit the Sub-agency/No Services Screen

  • Click the "Main Menu" link that appears just above the page name, or
  • Click the "Log Out" link that appears just above the page name, or
  • Click the "Return to Sub-agency/No Services " button at the bottom of the page.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, December 4, 2015
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