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Child Care Reporting--Household Middle Initial

Head-of-Household Middle Initial


The Head-of-Household Middle Initial is the middle initial of the head-of-household for the family receiving Early Education and Support Division (EESD)-subsidized child care assistance.

The Head-of-Household is the person legally and/or financially responsible for the child(ren).

In a foster care case (family of one), the Head-of-Household Middle Initial is the middle initial of the oldest foster care child receiving EESD-subsidized child care services.

Where to Find It

Note: Check to see if the family has a subsequent Notice of Action on file (not the initial notice) that applies to the report month/year (i.e., completed on or before the report month as indicated by the Effective Date of Action). If such a Notice of Action is on file, enter the updated information.

Rules and Guidelines

Error Messages and Solutions

A valid Head-of-Household middle initial must be one letter. [801A File Transfer], [801A Web Input], [801B]

You have entered a period (.) or more than one letter in the middle initial field. A period (.) is not a valid middle initial. More than one letter is not a valid middle initial.


Delete the period (.) or extra letter(s) from the middle initial. Leave this blank if there is no middle initial; the middle initial is optional.

When the family size is the same as the number of children reported, the oldest child must be listed as the Head-of-Household. The first name, last name and middle initial of the oldest child reported and those of the Head-of-Household must be the same. [801A File Transfer], [801A Web Input]

The number of children you reported for this family is the same as the family size indicated. This indicates the family size used to determine income eligibility is made up of only children. In these cases, the oldest child reported must be listed as the head-of-household.


Verify the family size and children listed for this family. If the family size represents only children receiving services, change the head of household's name (first, middle and last) to match the oldest child's name (first, middle, and last).

When "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" = "Child is Head-of-Household" and "Family Size" is greater than "1," the "Child's Last Name" of the oldest child and the "Head-of-Household Last Name" must be the same. [801B]

You have answered the question "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" as "Child is Head-of-Household," but the Head of Household’s name for this family does not match the oldest child’s (or only child’s) name. For reporting purposes only, when only children receiving services are counted in determining the family size, the Head-of-Household’s name must be the same as the name of oldest child (or only child) reported.


Confirm that you have entered the Head-of-Household last name correctly.

Confirm that you have entered the oldest child's last name correctly.

Confirm that this is a foster child. If it is, ensure that the Head-of-Household last name and the oldest foster child's (or only child's) last name are the same. If this is not a foster child, change the answer to the question, "Is the Head-of-Household Single?" to "No" or "Yes."

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