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Family Child Care Homes

Care About Quality was published by the California Department of Education in 2000.

Licensed family child care homes refer to child care in an individual’s private home. The home may be rented, leased, or owned. It may be in a mobile home park or in an apartment. Because family child care is home-based, children tend to be cared for in a family-like setting with all the daily activities usually associated with home. The types of family child care homes vary widely, from the neighborhood parent who cares for a few children to a large family child care home that cares for up to 14 children. A family child care home is a business. You should expect professional service and should treat your provider as a professional.


The number of children cared for at a family child care home may vary, depending on the age of the children and whether an assistant is pre-sent. The children of the provider and assistant who are under the age of ten are included in determining the adult-to-child ratio. When looking at a family child care home:

Staff qualifications

Family child care providers are required to be licensed if they care for the children of more than one family. Licensing has minimum health and safety standards that providers must follow. Licensing requires that providers take pediatric CPR, first aid, and health and safety classes. Providers may have additional education, such as a degree in early childhood education, community college courses, or training through child care associations. Providers may receive accreditation through the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC). This organization’s mission is to recognize high quality in family child care.

Points to consider in choosing family child care


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In-Home Care

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