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Filing the Private School Affidavit

Who Should File a Private School Affidavit?

California Education Code (EC) Section 33190 states that persons, firms, associations, partnerships, or corporations offering or conducting private school instruction at the elementary or high school level for students between the ages of six and eighteen years shall file the Private School Affidavit (PSA) between October 1 and 15. Certified nonpublic, nonsectarian schools (NPS) located in California shall also file the PSA. EC 48222 states that a “full-time” private school offers instruction “… in the several branches of study required to be taught in the public schools of the state.” Therefore, the PSA shall be filed by private schools physically located in California and offering full-time instruction in the subjects taught in the State’s public schools. A private school shall not file until it has established full-time enrollment of students who are NOT also enrolled full-time in another private or public school.

Parents/guardians planning to file for an exemption to school at home should read the Frequently Asked Questions, “Schooling at Home."

Why file the Private School Affidavit?

The data submitted via the PSA is used to create the annual Private School Directory. The reported enrollment informs a number of State and federal agencies that provide programs and services to children and families in California. The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) includes mandates for the inclusion of eligible private schools in certain student programs and services. Each private non-profit school with six or more students will be reported to the public school district in which it is located as a private school that is eligible for certain services and resources under Title IX, Part E Uniform Provisions External link opens in new window or tab. (DOC) of ESEA. Private schools that do not file a PSA during the filing period may not be included in the Private School Directory and may not be included in the list of private schools eligible for participation in certain federal programs and services under ESEA sent annually to California public school districts as part of the Consolidated Application. To assure timely entry of information and participation of eligible private schools in ESEA services and programs, filing must be completed between October 1 and October 15. Schools filing after October 15 are considered late filers. Non-profit private schools with six or more students that file after March 15 may not appear on the private schools page of the Consolidated Application (Con App), Part 1. The private schools page of the Con App lists, for each California public school district, any private schools located within the district that are eligible to benefit from participation in certain federally-funded programs and services under ESEA.

Filing of the PSA shall not be interpreted to mean, and it shall be unlawful for any school to expressly or impliedly represent by any means whatsoever, that the State of California, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education, the CDE, or any division or bureau of the Department, or any accrediting agency has made any evaluation, recognition, approval, or endorsement of the school or course unless this is an actual fact (California Education Code Section 33190). See Selected California Education Codes pertaining to private elementary or high schools. Filing the PSA does not mean that the State of California or any accrediting agency has granted a license or authorization to operate a school.

Filing the Online Affidavit Form

Filing online ensures timely submission of the affidavit and allows filers to receive an email confirmation of their filing. To receive the email confirmation, ensure that an email address is entered in Item 9.
The statutory filing period is October 1-15; however, the filing system remains open October 1-July 31 each year.

Private School Affidavit Online Form

Existing schools with six or more students (password required)

All other schools (blank form)

Alternative blank form (please use this link if you are experience technical difficulties with the other links)

Filing the Paper Affidavit Form or Statement in Lieu of the Form

If filing online is not an option, a paper Affidavit or a statement in lieu of the Affidavit may be filed by mail. Any filing that is done by mail must be submitted with an original signature and dated; paper forms may not be attached to e-mails or faxed. Paper PSAs and statements must include all required components.

To receive a paper PSA, please e-mail or call 916-445-7331.

Mail the completed paper PSA or statement to:

Title II Leadership Office - Private Schools
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 4309
Sacramento, CA 95814


Password for Filing the Private School Affidavit
September 23, 2015: Letter to Private School Administrators regarding filing the Annual Private School Affidavit, instructions, and password information.

October 21, 2014, notice regarding the Private School Affidavit

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